Claiming compensation for Vibration White Finger claims at work

Vibration White Finger (VWF) is often referred to as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS now. This is an issue which has been affecting numerous people in the industrial sector as it mainly affects people who operate hand-held vibrating power tools such as pneumatic drills, chainsaws, grinders, hammers, sanders or any other power tools for a number of years. It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that you receive regular breaks and appropriate safety equipment, but if you feel this has not been the case you could look to seek compensation for negligence.

If you are unsure about whether or not you are suffering from VWF but you are looking into making a claim, then some of the symptoms range from a tingling sensation or numbness in the fingertips to a cold sensation in the fingers or a discolouration of the skin and just general aches and pains in the hands, arms and fingers.

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What situations might a claim be eligible?

If you are suffering from Vibration White Finger in the workplace and you believe precautions were not in place to prevent this, then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Some instances where a claim could be made include:

·         If you have not been authorised regular breaks after using vibrating power tools

·         Failure to provide antivibration gloves

·         Failure to maintain and repair tools where necessary

·         If your employer has failed to provide you with the correct tools

·         If you have not had the necessary training on how to hold and use tools correctly

Who might be responsible for your claim?

If you have suspect that you have contracted Vibration White Finger (VWF) in the workplace and that it was through no fault of your own, then making a claim for compensation could help you recoup any losses you have incurred. Injuries such as this are common in the construction industry or when working with powerful tools, but if you believe that your employer has not provided you with adequate protection then you could look to claim against them for negligence. When it comes to making a successful claim it is vital that you provide necessary evidence to back you up, so always be sure before you commit to the decision.

Will Manners Pimblett be able to help me?

In general, if you are looking to make a successful claim for compensation your best chance would be to seek out trained professionals and here at Manners Pimblett we are more than happy to oblige. We know that it can be a quite daunting task for you to make a case in a court of law, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process, so our experts will help guide you through proceedings every step of the way.

So if you are interested in what the team here at Manners Pimblett can do for you, simply get in touch with one of our advisors today on 0845 077 0772.

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