Claiming compensation for an injury sustained in a shopping centre food court

Shopping centres are often bustling locations with numerous people going about their daily lives, while the food court is usually full of various cooking and cleaning utensils, as well as other potential hazards. Combining large numbers of people with these aspects can result in an accident occurring and if you are unfortunate enough to have this happen to you then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. It is the responsibility of the shopping centre to ensure that the appropriate health and safety measures are in place to prevent such accident from occurring, so if this hasn’t been the case then a claim could be the best way of recouping any damages you have incurred.

Where might I look to make a claim?

If you have been involved in an accident in a shopping centre food court then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Some instances where you may be able to claim include:

·         Claims if you have tripped on an uneven surface

·         Claims if you have suffered from food poisoning

·         Claims if you have been burnt or scolded

·         Claims against a foreign object found in your food

·         Claims against inadequate cautions (wet floor signs, etc.)

Who could be responsible in this situation?

When it comes to making a claim for compensation as a result of being involved in an accident in a shopping centre food court then you could be eligible to make a claim against a number of people, including a member of staff, a fellow shopper or perhaps even the owner of the store. It is their responsibility to ensure that the food court abides by appropriate health and safety measures so if you believe that is isn’t the case and you have suffered as a result, then you could make a claim for negligence. It is important to remember that in order to be successful you first need to prove your allegations, so it is worth reminding to contact the shopping centre for any CCTV footage that they may have, such is their responsibility.

Can Manners Pimblett help with my case?

If you have sustained an injury while in a shopping centre food court then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Regardless of the incident you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences in silent and here at Manners Pimblett we will ensure that the right outcome is reached and that you get what you deserve. We will work with you every step of the way and speak to you in terms that you can understand so that nothing gets lost in translation, as our experienced team of advisors will make the process as stress free as possible for you. For more information on how Manners Pimblett can help you, simply call us today on 0845 072 0772  to check what services we have available.


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