Claiming compensation for facial lacerations

Facial lacerations can be among some of the most painful types of personal injury you could receive, as it could have both mental and physical repercussions and leave you with permanent damage. As well as this, facial lacerations can also affect vital areas of your face such as your eyes, while the scarring can also contract and cause reduced mobility and create psychological distress. If you believe that you have been affected by this then you could look to make a claim in order to compensate you for your injuries.

You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence if you have been left with injuries in the workplace and neither should you have to pay for expensive medical fees. So whether you received them as a result of someone else’s negligence or it was an accidental occurrence, then you could look to make a compensation claim anyway in order to cover any potential costs that you have incurred.

What instances might I look to claim?

Suffering from a facial laceration can be one of the most serious injuries you could endure, so if this has affected you in any way you could look to seek compensation. There are several instances of where this could occur, including:

·         Claims if you have been left with permanent damage

·         Claims against a lack of safety equipment

·         Claims against a negligent co-worker

·         Claims if you have been attacked by an animal or pet

Who could I consider claiming against?

Suffering from facial lacerations can both be physically and mentally scarring and have a major impact on the way you live your life, so if you have been affected by this in any way then you could look to make a claim for compensation. A claim such as this could be taken out against a number of people, but if this is something that has occurred in the workplace then you could either take it out against your manager or the company itself for failing to uphold levels of health and safety. If you feel that someone has been negligent towards you, or that they have put your health at risk, then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

Can I work with Manners Pimblett on my claim?

When it comes to making a successful claim for compensation, it always helps to gain the advice of professionals and here at Manners Pimblett we has some of the most knowledgeable advisors in the industry. If you believe that you have suffered an injury which you believe could have been avoided, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation, and thanks to our team we will be able to offer you guidance throughout the process of the case to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. To find out more about how the Manners Pimblett team can help, simply give us a call today on 0845 077 0772.


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