Claiming compensation for slips in the workplace

It is your employer’s duty to carry out risk assessments of their premises so they can help identify and eliminate any hazards such as water leaks and other wet surfaces.  They should also ensure that the workplace is in a safe state of repair, meaning that there shouldn’t be any risk of leaks from the roof or plumbing system, including oil pipes and tanks. If you are unfortunate to suffer from an injury while slipping and you suspect that these precautions have not been put in place, then you could look to seek compensation as a means of recouping any damages you have endured.

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Where might I look to make a claim?

Having a slip in the workplace can be quite a painful experience that may require you to undergo hospital treatment, but if you feel this could have been avoided then you could look to seek compensation. Some examples of where a claim could be made include:

·         Claims if you have tripped on a wet surface

·         Claims if you have tripped on an uneven surface

·         Claims if you have damaged muscle/ligaments

·         Claims if you have broken a bone

·         Claims if you have been left concussed

Who could be at fault in this situation?

When it comes to making a claim for compensation it is important that you are able to prove yourself in court if you are to stand any chance of success. So if you find that you have been left with injuries after slipping in the workplace then it is important to take note of what happened as it may help you in the future. In cases such as this there would likely be a number of people who could be at fault, but the most likely person would be your employer for failing to main an acceptable level of health and safety. An unsafe working environment is unacceptable and you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence if you have a trip, so taking your case to court and making a successful claim could help you recoup any losses you have incurred.

Will I be able to receive help from Manners Pimblett?

If you have slipped in the workplace and have been left with serious injuries as a result, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. An injury such as this will require a lot of medical attention and could result in you missing out on work, meaning you could be left out of pocket financially. Seeking out professional help could be your best option and the team at Manners Pimblett has a wealth of experience, while our specialist advisors will work with you throughout the case to ensure your success.

If you are in need of assistance, simply contact one of our highly qualified team today on 0800 990 3500.


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