Claiming compensation if you have been hit by a falling object as a result of the wind

The UK is currently experiencing some of the most severe weather conditions it has ever faced and as a result it has led to many problems with infrastructure and other vulnerable objects. With hurricane force wind and constant rain battering the country, it has caused many objects to become damaged and even forcibly removed from their setting – with many people being unfortunate enough to be struck by falling debris and hazardous objects. This can be a very painful and severe occurrence and if you have been affected by this you may be eligible to make a claim.

In what conditions might I be able to claim?

Severe weather can be very dangerous to your health and as such you could be entitled to make a claim depending on the circumstances. Some examples of where a claim could be made include:

·         Claims if you are injured as a result of poorly maintained infrastructures

·         Claims against a local council

·         Claims if you have been left paralysed

·         Claims if you have lost a limb

·         Claims against a lack of safety warnings.

Who could be at fault for your claim?

Cases such as this are not as rare as you may think as severe weather has resulted in a number people becoming injured due to falling objects. This can be a very painful and traumatising occurrence and may require you to undergo serious medical attention, with broken bones, head injuries and even amputations being common. Although you may not realise it, there are indeed a number of people who could be at fault in this situation – with the local council, building owners and construction workers all culpable in certain cases. They are responsible for ensuring that health and safety is maintained, so if this isn’t the case then a claim could be the best option for you.

Can Manners Pimblett assist with my claims?

When it comes to making a claim for compensation it is important that you are able to prove yourself in a court of law, so if you are unsure about what actions to take then the team here at Manners Pimblett have got you covered. We have some of the best legal minds in the industry all working towards ensuring you get the compensation you are entitled to. So if you are interested in what the team here at Manners Pimblett can do for you, simply get in touch with one of our advisors today on 0845 072 0772. 

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