Being a care worker is not always the easiest task and working as a care worker is perhaps one of the most respected jobs that you can have. On a daily basis you are looking after other people, taking care of them and ensuring that they maintain the highest levels of health and this isn’t always an easy task. But not matter how difficult it gets there is never an excuse for any negligence on the behalf of a member of care or support staff.

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Being in a care home can leave an individual in an incredibly difficult situation. If you do find that you have been the victim of negligence in this environment then you may look to make a claim for compensation against anyone who you feel has been negligent towards you. 

What types of abuse could be sustained?

If you have been a victim of care home abuse there are a number of different ways that you could have been neglected. Some of the most common forms of neglect in a care home can be direct mental of physical abuse, this can be caused by constantly degrading or verbally abusing a resident in addition to hitting them or not helping them to perform simple tasks.

On a more general scale residents can be neglected if they are subjected to below-par living conditions. These conditions could include cold living conditions, a lack of comfortable living areas and a lack of adequate food.

Where could I consider a compensation claim?

You could consider a compensation claim in a number of different situations. Some of the most popular situations where you may consider a claim include:

  • Claims for physical abuse from a carer
  • Claims for psychological abuse from a carer
  • Claims for poor care home conditions
  • Claims for food poisoning in a care home
  • Claims for cold living conditions in a care home.

Are Manners Pimblett able to help me throughout my compensation claim?

If you have been left with the need for a compensation claim then having an industry expert on your side can really help – and that’s where the team at Manners Pimblett can come in. Working together we will get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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