Compensation for errors made during laser treatment

One of the best advancements of modern technology has been the introduction of laser treatment and for many people this has led to a much safer way of changing parts of their body and fixing medical problems. Laser eye treatment, laser hair removal and various other laser techniques are now commonplace in medical practice and for many people this is seen as a much safer and far more stable way of performing delicate surgery.

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Although laser treatment is often labelled as safer than many other more invasive surgical techniques, there are still problems which can occur as a result, and if you are the victim of negligence after a surgical procedure of this type then you could look to make a compensation to claim back any costs you have incurred.

What is laser treatment?

Laser treatment involves the use of laser equipment to perform surgery on certain areas of the body. Rather than traditional invasive surgical techniques, laser surgery is relatively non-invasive and involves minimal interference – it’s mainly carried out by laser light therapy which involves a laser light being projected onto the area where the surgery is taking place – and as such it’s often seen as a much safer alternative to traditional surgery.

How can mistakes be made during laser treatment?

Although laser surgery is much safer than traditional surgery, mistakes can still be made and these mistakes include:

Errors caused by a poorly trained surgeon

Errors caused by faulty machinery

Errors caused by a faulty technique

Errors caused by poor rehabilitation after laser treatment

Errors caused by too much or too little use of the laser.

Where could Manners Pimblett help?

Manners Pimblett understand that suffering from this type of negligence can be an incredibly traumatising experience for anyone involved and as such it’s crucial that you have the help, guidance and support that you need throughout this time – we are here to help. 

Calling on our years of knowledge and experience we can help you through every step of the compensation claim process – to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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