Confused cyclist blames his sat-nav for riding on M60 across Barton Bridge

A cyclist left motorists stunned as he peddled along the M60 and across Barton Bridge, after being spurred on by his sat-nav.

Motorists looked on as the bewildered biker veered across lanes and got on to the iconic bridge near Trafford.

Upon reaching the top of the flyover’s apex, the cyclist then put his feet up and let gravity do the rest as he sped down towards Worsley.

Mike Duggan, a supervisor at North West Motorway Police control room who was tracking the peddlers’ progress on CCTV, said: “As soon as we got the call we started tracking him on CCTV.

“We were watching as he got to the top of the bridge, took his feet off the pedals and free wheeled down.

“He also veered across lanes and the slip road a couple of times. He managed to get all the way down to Junction 12, so he got quite far.

“When the patrol caught up with him he told officers it was his sat nav which had directed him on to the motorway. We’re not sure exactly what sort of sat-nav device he was using.”

After the patrol offered the reckless rider some advice they popped his bike in their vehicle and took him off the motorway. Mike added: “Hopefully we won’t see him again but you never know.

“My advice to people would be to not ride a push bike over the Barton Bridge, and also that if you’re sat-nav is telling you to do something dangerous, don’t do it.”

Claims if you have been involved in an incident as a result of a faulty sat-nav

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