Pair in dock after horses escape from field 36 times

Two women have been prosecuted after their horses escaped from a field 36 times in seven months.

Sarah Davies, 34, and Nicola Mills, 35, from Wythenshawe, kept 13 horses on a field a court heard, but between October 2011 and April 2012 there were 36 separate reports of horses and ponies escaping.

On one occasion in April last year, 11 horses made their way down various nearby roads and on to the M56 motorway near Manchester Airport.

Police were called and officers had to be helped by members of the public in restraining the animals and returning them to the field – which is bordered by three 60mph roads.

In February 2012, police were called after a horse was hit by a car near the field, at the corner of Clay Lane and Dobbinetts Lane.

Davies, of Lee Street, Higher Openshaw, and Mills, of Ogden Lane, Openshaw, both pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to ensure the needs of animals were met to the extent required.

The 13 horses – five which they shared ownership of as well as the four they each owned – were seized from them and could be permanently confiscated by a judge.

Davies and Mills could also be banned from keeping any animals when they are sentenced in three weeks’ time.

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