Safety alert as tram blackspot hit by 23 crashes in six years

Council bosses are reviewing safety measures at a tram accident ‘blackspot’ after it was revealed there have been 23 incidents in the last six years.

Following two more crashes in the city centre, it has been calculated that there is a collision every three months on average.

The spot, on Nicholas Street near Manchester Art Gallery, is the only place where cars can cross without traffic lights.

Trams have the right of way and large illuminated ‘stop’ signs have been placed on the corners to warn motorists the trams are passing. But after two crashes in the last two months, it has been shown that these measures are not fully working.

The latest crash happened yesterday lunchtime when a tram and a car collided, forcing Metrolink to halt services in the city centre for 20 minutes. And on June 8, two people were cut from a car after an almost identical collision at the same spot.

On that occasion, five passengers were in the car, and fire crews cut out two women who were trapped. They were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A council spokesman said: “We’re aware that there have been a number of incidents at this junction and as a result we recently installed a flashing warning sign which advises motorists to stop before attempting to cross Mosley Street.

“Once we receive details about the incident from Greater Manchester Police we will investigate further and decide whether any additional measures are necessary.”

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Claims if you have been injured as a result of poor road signage

The introduction of trams into many major cities across the UK has been seen as great way of giving the public a safe and reliable means of transportation for low prices, but having something of that scale travelling at speed through a busy area has the potential to cause a serious accident. That’s why it is important there are appropriate road signs up to warn drivers of potential risks, but if you have been unfortunate enough to have collided with a tram as a result of poor signage then you could look to make a claim.

It is the responsibility of the council to alert drivers of potential hazards by using the correct traffic warnings and if you believe this has not been the case then you could be entitled to a large settlement because of the severity of the case. It’s never a good thing being involved in an incident, especially when it is through no fault of your own, so if you have been affected by someone else’s negligence then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

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