'Government Plans are an insult to genuine whiplash sufferers'

Yesterday (25.11.2015)  the Government announced its plans to remove the right of victims of Road Traffic Accidents to claim compensation for their injuries, often referred to as Whiplash.Their view is that fraudulent claims are costing the taxpayer up to £90 per policy each year-a figure given to the Government by the Insurance Industry(who are of course running a business). This is an insult to anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer with injuries to the neck and back, but also implies anyone making a claim may not be genuine ! 

In addition they plan to raise the current threshold for “Small Claims” from £1000 to £5000 for the injury itself - in other words if your damages fall below £5000 you simply will not have the right to claim anything for general damages. Most whiplash injuries fall within this bracket. What this is intended to do is prevent victims obtaining legal representation as legal fees will no longer be claimable from the offending party`s insurer, therefore taking solicitors out of the equation.

If you have had,if if you know someone who has suffered whiplash then you will know how painful they can be.

We believe it is important the general public are aware what is being proposed before it is too late, as in the future, if you are injured, you may have to suffer in silence!

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