Accidents in an Office

Every day in every corner of the UK, millions of us work in offices. They are an ideal and necessary working environment for virtually every area of business. From human resources to pay roll to administration and many more besides, working in offices is a staple part of employment and we all use them throughout the working year.

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Unfortunately however, within every kind of office, from the most simple and basic setup of a small business to the mass corporate operations, accidents inevitably occur in the workplace. These can be caused by wires left on the floor improperly stuck down, incomplete risk assessments, electrical faults or simply negligent behaviour on the part of the employer.

If you've had an accident in the office and it wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to make a claim and receive a significant amount of compensation in return.

With our help at Manners Pimblett, we can provide top quality assistance in processing your claim. We also pride ourselves in our 'no win, no fee' promise so what have you got to lose? Contact us today.

What factors are taken into consideration when making a claim?

If you decide to process your claim with us at Manners Pimblett, you can be fully assured that we will closely together with you to present your case in its clearest and most coherent fashion to the courts. There are many factors that the courts will consider when a claim is brought to them, these can include:

- Loss of potential earnings
- A poorer quality of living
- Extra medical costs
- Specialist treatments
- Unnecessary inconveniences to your routine

And many more...

If any of these sound familiar, they could potentially all be covered with the compensation you justly deserve. If you any further queries regarding any of these points or some not included on this list, we're always on hand to answer your questions and give you peace of mind.

The next step...

If you've read through our information and wish to process your claim with us, we will endeavour to get everything sorted and in order for you as as quickly and efficiently as possible. To help speed along the process, try to document down just how much your injury has affected all aspects of yours and your loved ones lives.

Also take some time to fully collate your evidence so that we as a team, can directly relate your injury to the result of negligence from your employer.

And always remember, this injury was not your fault and you have a right to make a claim.

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Now that you've heard what we can do, its time to give us a call today. We always promise to conduct every single case with the utmost discretion, sensitivity and professionalism. We believe that you, as a victim, deserve the best assistance possible and we aim to give you that right from the moment you call us up. So, don't delay any longer, we're ready and waiting to process your claim now.

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