Accidents on Building Sites

All over the UK, thousands of men and women work on building sites. Projects on these sites can range from small housing complexes to very large retail outlets and residential areas. Labourers and supervisors provide us all with an indispensable service in building us new places to live, work and relax but unfortunately, some building sites can be extremely hazardous and as a result, cause accidents and injuries through a number of factors including faulty machinery, floors improperly cleared, incomplete risk assessments, improper safety equipment and sometimes just sheer negligence.

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All employers are legally obligated to create safe and secure working environments for their employees to work in.

If you\'ve been in an accident on a building site and it wasn\'t your fault, you may be entitled to make a claim against your perpetrator and receive a significant amount in compensation.

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What Factors Are Taken Into Account In The Courts?

If you decide to process your claim with us, we will endeavour to conduct your case as quickly and professionally as possible. You can be assured that we will present your case to the courts highlighting all the factors that have shaped your accident and injury. These can include

- Loss of potential earnings
- Medical Costs
- Specialist treatments
- Poorer quality of life

And many more...

Of course, if you feel that you may have had other burdens put upon that aren\'t mentioned here or would like some advice, we\'re always on hand to answer any queries you may have so contact us today.

No Win. No Fee...

We offer NO WIN NO FEE* agreements on personal injury matters, call one of our experts today for more information. 0845 0770772. 

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When processing your claim, it is paramount that we can present to the court just how much your injury has effected you, your loved ones and your finances. To help with this, it is a good idea to try and document down everything that had to change in your life since the accident.

Make sure that you directly relate your injury as a result of negligence on the part of your employer.

Get those close to document down their experiences as well so we can produce reports from all parties effected.

And always remember, you as the victim, have the right to make your claim, your injury wasn\'t your fault and shouldn\'t suffer because of it.

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At Manners Pimblett, we pride ourselves on our ability to conduct all of our cases with the utmost professionalism, dedication and sensitivity. So don\'t delay any more, get in touch with us today and start processing your claim.

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