Brain and Head Injury Compensation 30th April 2010 Head and brain injury compensation claims can cause anything from a headache and dizziness to irreversible cognitive damage, or even death. Often the most serious of injuries can have relatively mild ... Read More » Burns and Scar Compensation Claims 30th April 2010 Burns and the subsequent scarring they cause can be as traumatic mentally as they can be intensely painful. They can cause dangerous infections and severe damage to the skin. The scars that burns ofte... Read More »
Whiplash 30th April 2010 Whiplash is an increasingly common injury that can cause the sufferer high levels of discomfort for weeks, or sometimes months after the initial injury may have occurred. Read More » Back Injuries and your work 30th April 2010 The majority of people in the UK spend a third of their days at work. However back injuries are a major concern for both employers and employees alike, and are cited as the most common reason for abse... Read More »
No Win No Fee Explained 30th April 2010 No Win No Fee has become synonymous with personal injury and accident claim organisations over the past few years. But what does the terms actually mean, and how does it work? Read More » Recession leads to rise in No Win No Fee Injury Claims 30th April 2010 The most common reasons for making a claim for compensation are road traffic accidents, back strains (back injuries from lifting) or slips trips and falls. As the economic downturn has deepened the nu... Read More »
Firm ordered to pay £35,000 compensation after worker thrown from vehicle 30th April 2010 A courier company in the South of England has been fined after an employee broke a leg at its distribution centre. The company was fined a total of £35,000, after the worker suffered the injury as he... Read More » Huge compensation payout after oil worker is paralysed 30th April 2010 Three British oil firms have been fined more than a quarter of a million pounds, after a worker was paralysed following an accident while on duty. Read More »
Asbestos - the dangers and your rights 30th April 2010 According to statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), exposure to asbestos causes more than 4,000 deaths in Great Britain die each year. The main cause of death is from mesothelio... Read More » Tragic cyclist killed in road accident 30th April 2010 A promising young student has been killed after being involved in an accident while cycling in London. Read More »
Parents can claim compensation for playground fights 30th April 2010 The parents of a three-year-old child who was attacked by his playmate can claim compensation from the government, a court has ruled. Jay Jones suffered head injuries and needed stitches after another... Read More » North West employers asked to make New Year safety resolution 30th April 2010 Employers across the North West of England are being urged to ensure their workers are kept safe in 2010, and improve on 2009 safety figures. Read More »
Are you suffering from Work Related Stress? 30th April 2010 While well-organised and structured work is considered good for people, it can also be an enormous source of stress and anxiety to others. It is important to recognise that there is a distinct differe... Read More » MoD sued by former employee after accident 30th April 2010 A former RAF employee is suing the Ministry of Defence (MoD) after an accident at a work social event left him paralysed from the waist down. Robert Uren, from Camborne, was trying to collect plastic ... Read More »
Leading Construction firm ordered to pay compensation after worker death 30th April 2010 A court in Northern Ireland has ordered one of the country's biggest construction firms to pay compensation after the death of a sub-contractor on one of its sites. Read More » What's the difference? 30th April 2010 We are often asked what is the difference between, Manners Pimblett and some of the other accident claims companies that you see advertising on television or other media. The answer is simple, no diff... Read More »
Car accidents and claims 30th April 2010 Ever since the invention of the car there have been car accidents. As technology has improved in terms of engineering and raw materials, cars and vehicles have become more efficient and faster. All th... Read More » Easy to claim, quick compensation 30th April 2010 All I want is an easy way of claiming. So many times we hear the relief in our claimants voices when we explain how easy it is to make a claim. Most people are concerned that the claims process is ful... Read More »
Insurance for employers 30th April 2010 As a home and car owners we all know the necessity for insurance. A business with large revenue streams, employing several to hundreds of people and responsibility for their safety and considerable as... Read More » Unsure about Personal injury Compensation? 30th April 2010 Claim for an accident, slip, trip or fall with Manners Pimblett. Our claims team is available 24 hours a day to take your call. Our website is here for you to take your time and complete the right for... Read More »
Claim Data Assurance 30th April 2010 When you fill an accident claim form online or call our claims team, you need to feel assured that your data is only going to be used for the purpose of your claim. This Manners Pimblett Article looks... Read More » Compensation for a victim of crime 30th April 2010 Being a victim of crime does not mean that you are to wait at the detriment of the courts and the justice system for compensation. There are a number of different ways that you could get compensation.... Read More »
Personal Injury Compensation 30th April 2010 Compensation for multiple injuries is accumulative and depends on a number of factors. Duration of the effects of an accident on a person, both physical and psychological are taken into account. This ... Read More » Car insurance up to date? 30th April 2010 Your car could be seized and crushed if you have not kept your car insurance up to date. Is your car on the MIB Motor Insurance Database? This Manners Pimblett article looks at the ASKMID website and ... Read More »
Injured at work 30th April 2010 Is it time to consider a claim against your employer? If you have suffered an injury at work and it can be proven that negligence has occurred then you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Read More » How much can you claim? find out in 5 minutes... 30th April 2010 Access the legal support you deserve. You may have been involved in an accident and sustained a personal injury. If you are not at fault for the accident, you may be entitled to compensation. It does... Read More »
Accident Black Spots 30th April 2010 Great Britain is blighted by roads that are notorious accident black spots. Every year people are killed or injured in accidents that happen at known black spots. This Manners Pimblett article looks a... Read More » Insurance Fraud 30th April 2010 Following on from our article on Fraudulent or fake accident claims, today we discuss the legal implications of making a fake or fraudulent accident claim or insurance claim. At Manners Pimblett we ta... Read More »
Personal Injury claim. 30th April 2010 As with all aspects of law, the proof of blame and facts about the injury all add up as to how much compensation you can achieve. If your claim is unsubstantiated then you will not receive any compens... Read More » Fraudulent or fake accident claims 30th April 2010 In latter part of 2008 a major clamp down of accident claims companies in the South East and London areas occurred following an increase in the number of cash for crash fraudulent accident claims att... Read More »
Compensation for a work related injury 30th April 2010 Advice for compensation claims involving work related injuries, diseases or accidents vary on the type of accident or illness sustained by the employee. This Manners Pimblett article takes a closer lo... Read More » Make an accident claim online 30th April 2010 At Manners Pimblett we like to make the process of accessing our accident claims management services as easy as possible. This article discusses the Manners Pimblett Accident claims form, contact form... Read More »
Car accident, slip, trip or fall on ice. 30th April 2010 Local Authorities have an obligation to maintain primary routes and roads in the advent of adverse weather. This means that in most cases when ice, frost or snow is forecast salt or grit Lorries needs... Read More » Asbestos related illness. 30th April 2010 We have already established the three main types of asbestos and where it originates from in an earlier Manners Pimblett article. Now we are going to focus on asbestos related illness. There is no dou... Read More »
Asbestos, an understanding. 30th April 2010 At Manners Pimblett we have decided to run a series of articles focusing on Asbestos. The aim is to educate as many tradesmen as possible to the perils of asbestos. As new generations of plumbers, ele... Read More » What is Whiplash? 30th April 2010 The most common injury we deal with following an RTA or a car crash is whiplash. At Manners Pimblett we have years of extensive experience in dealing with accident claims for whiplash Read More »
I am making an accident claim, how can I help? 30th April 2010 Making an accident claim be it for a work related accident or a traffic accident can be a difficult time to get through. You may have questions about making your claim? This Manners Pimblett article w... Read More » Dealing with a work accident. 30th April 2010 At Manners Pimblett we understand that some people who have been involved in an accident at work or in the work place may feel reluctant to make a claim. After all we are dealing with the place where ... Read More »
Make a claim against a family member. 30th April 2010 Accidents are never comfortable circumstances to endure, especially when you are a passenger in a car that is involved in a road traffic accident. If you suffer an injury as a passenger, no matter how... Read More » Who is to blame, the council? 30th April 2010 Millions of pounds have been invested in remedial works on the nations paving. The rise in compensation claims has had a tremendous impact on your local authority. Savvy local authorities and counc... Read More »
Injury what is a claim worth? 30th April 2010 When it comes to making a genuine accident claim, it may be whip lash caused by wearing your seatbelt in a road traffic accident, a fall from any height on a ladder at work or a simple trip on a pavem... Read More » Ears and hearing part two 30th April 2010 Physical damage to the ear and loss of hearing following an accident or industrial damage has a major effect on your life. We rely so much on sound and hearing, from day to day interaction with family... Read More »
Hand injury compensation 30th April 2010 You may have been injured in a work accident or a slip, trip or a fall whilst out shopping? Personal injury warrants for you to get compensation. This Manners Pimblett article focuses on injuries sust... Read More » Coping with Disability after an accident 30th April 2010 Labels and stereotypes are unfortunate aspects of society. You may not approve, but being branded one thing or another fits our complex social and welfare systems, making dealing with other people eas... Read More »
Ears and hearing part one, Tinnitus. 30th April 2010 Tinnitus is not a disease but rather a symptom resulting from a range of underlying problems with the ear. The ringing noise that people perceive to hear can be quite annoying and thwart sleep. Damage... Read More » At the scene of a traffic accident. 30th April 2010 Car crash or traffic accident, there are many schools of thought as to what you should and should not do at the scene. All parties involved in the traffic accident have legal obligations. What you do ... Read More »
Eye injury compensation Claim 30th April 2010 A vital aspect of your daily life are your senses. As a human being you traverse this life being fed data from sound, touch, taste, small and sight. Any interruption of your senses and your user exper... Read More » Who to claim with? 30th April 2010 Making a personal injury claim following a road traffic accident or car crash, you are often open to choices as to who you make your claim with. As a potential claimant you may not be aware of your ch... Read More »
Post traumatic stress disorder 30th April 2010 There are many definitions for PTSD but the basic analogy one can apply to the disorder is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme psychological trauma. This Manners Pimblett article loo... Read More » No claim please we are British 30th April 2010 When considering an accident claim, many of the people I speak to have had an air of caution about them. Some may find it hard to believe that although it is reported in the press that this country is... Read More »
Psychiatric Injuries, Head Injury Part 2 30th April 2010 We are talking about you. The very essence of you, everything that makes you, well you! Injury to the mind is probably the hardest form of injury for anyone to deal with. When you have to cope with so... Read More » Compensation Amounts to what? 30th April 2010 Personal injury compensation amounts are over inflated by some accident claim companies to entice people into making a claim. It is all part of a sales process to companies. These are businesses that ... Read More »
Head Injury Compensation, Part one 30th April 2010 Suffered a head injury or a blow to the head at work or in an accident? Arguably the most complex part of the body, with all its grey contents you can understand why we have had to break the discussio... Read More » As seen on TV 30th April 2010 Spend any time during the day near a television (as long as it is switched on!) and it becomes clear that there are a number of prolific accident claims companies that advertise on television. Often t... Read More »
Foot injury compensation 30th April 2010 Feet are curious parts of your anatomy. From toe to heel your feet have evolved to maximise your stability whilst carrying out a full range of activities as a human being. When your foot or feet are i... Read More » Claiming against work 30th April 2010 When considering a personal injury accident claim against work, it is important that you understand the context of your claim. Understanding the purpose of your injury claim will aid you healing proce... Read More »
Slip, skid and slide 30th April 2010 Last week mother-nature was teasing us; a few warm days brought out the daffodil shoots, gardeners and frolicking children, now we're all dodging hail stones and scraping ice off our cars again! Read More » Traffic accident on the M61 30th April 2010 Following a recent spate of accidents on the M61 motorway, we have decided to take a look at the history of this road and the amount of car crashes or road traffic accidents that involve death or inju... Read More »
Claim for an industrial accident 30th April 2010 Builders, electricians, plumbers and plasterers are just some of the specialist trades that operate in construction environments. Yet these tradesmen are also in a group where work accidents are seldo... Read More » Committed to you 30th April 2010 From the initial free call to our team of personal injury advisors, right up to you receiving maximum compensation. Manners Pimblett and our panel of dedicated solicitors are dedicated to helping you ... Read More »
Claim after redundancy 30th April 2010 With the news that a UK car plant is on the brink of closure, threatening thousands of jobs, making an accident claim may be the last thing on your mind. Once made redundant from work, the barrier bet... Read More » Accident at work 30th April 2010 Accident at work ruined my life. it is often the case that individuals feel alienated from work after having an accident. Not only do you have the injury to overcome and the psychological trauma, you ... Read More »
Claim against work 30th April 2010 Any accident is not a good thing, but when an accident happens at work you can feel as if your world is turned upside down. After all, if you have suffered injuries as a result of your accident, then ... Read More » Accident at work? 30th April 2010 Over the next four weeks, Manners Pimblett will be looking at making a claim against work. What are the implications of work related accidents? If you have been involved in an accident at work, then w... Read More »
Injured at work 30th April 2010 Injured at work? Need to claim compensation for a work related injury? Manners Pimblett offer a no win no fee service. This means you can claim and know that you are going to get maximum compensation.... Read More » Accident at work, compensation for an injury at work 30th April 2010 Had an accident at work? Need to claim compensation for an accident at work? Manners Pimblett specialises in no win no fee claims for injuries sustained as result of an accident at work. This Manners ... Read More »
Claim for Medical Negligence 30th April 2010 Although there are constant reports of our National Health Service being stretched to its limits, we are lucky to have the NHS. Those who can afford private medical cover are equally fortunate to rece... Read More » Injured in the snow 30th April 2010 As the winter snow gets a grip on the UK for a second day, the amount of injuries caused by slipping on ice and snow has rocketed. Accident and Emergency departments in hospitals throughout Great Brit... Read More »
Snow warning 30th April 2010 The met office has predicted heavy snow in Northern Ireland, Northern England and parts of Wales by Monday the 5th of February 2009 and leading into Tuesday the 6th of February 2009. It is expected th... Read More » Stockport Schools Asbestos Scare 30th April 2010 Following a Freedom of Information Act request, it has been revealed that more than 90 percent of schools in the borough of Stockport have Asbestos in their buildings. This Manners Pimblett article lo... Read More »
Heavy Snow and Gails - UK Weather Warning 30th April 2010 Heavy snow and gails have been forecast by the Met office for this weekend and into early next week. The risk of slips, trips and falls may be increased. By Tuesday the 20th of January the following r... Read More » Accident claims in Scotland, special news. 30th April 2010 From today (11th of January 2008) the Roma II treaty comes into effect. The Rome law was set out to give clarity to personal injury claims in the European Union. i.e. who can claim where and in what c... Read More »
Caution slip, trip or fall alert! 30th April 2010 Classic winter weather conditions prevail overnight as the United Kingdom looks at yet another big freeze. With the met office issuing a severe weather warning for London and the South East, the tempe... Read More »
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