Accidents in the Office Caused by Another Employee 25th February 2011 Can you claim for an accident in the office caused by another employee?? Read More » Is it a Legal Requirement to Notify your Insurance Company After a Crash? 25th February 2011 Is it a legal requirement to notify your insurance company after a crash? Find out here. Read More »
Accident on the M62 25th February 2011 A recent accident on the M62 resulted in a woman being taken to hospital for her injuries. Read More » What is Burden of Proof 25th February 2011 When making a successful personal injury claim it is important to understand what burden of proof is. Read More »
Claiming for an Accident on Untreated Roads 25th February 2011 What you need to do when claiming for an accident on untreated roads. Read More » Is it Possible to Claim Compensation for Slipping on Public Footpath 21st February 2011 How to claim compensation when you have slipped on a public footpath. Read More »
Claiming for Asbestos Exposure 8th February 2011 The cluster of six silicate-like materials known as asbestos has been a health risk for over a century in this country now. Dating back to the turn of the 20th century when asbestos was incredibly pop... Read More » Accidents in an Office 8th February 2011 Every day in every corner of the UK, millions of us work in offices. They are an ideal and necessary working environment for virtually every area of business. From human resources to pay roll to admin... Read More »
Claiming for an Accident in the Private Sector 8th February 2011 Thousands of men and women in the UK work within the private sector. In these harsh economic times, it is one of the few hotbeds of employment still very active in recruitment. In the last six months ... Read More » Accidents While Driving for Work 8th February 2011 There are many jobs in place now where it is necessary for employees to be mobile. Deliveries need to be made in all fields of employment, from mail carrying and courier work to everything including h... Read More »
Accidents on Building Sites 8th February 2011 All over the UK, thousands of men and women work on building sites. Projects on these sites can range from small housing complexes to very large retail outlets and residential areas. Labourers and sup... Read More »
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