Claiming Compensation Against Accident and Emergency Departments 28th March 2011 The majority of doctors and nurses in the A and E provide an excellent service. Yet many people every year are eligible to make a claim for compensation because of negligent medical treatment. Read More » Train Accident Compensation Claims 25th March 2011 If you or your loved one has been involved in a train accident then we understand that there will be so much to worry about. Financial compensation is intended to right the wrong this train accident h... Read More »
Injuries Caused by Dangerous Livestock 25th March 2011 Injuries can often be caused when livestock become dangerous in certain situations. If you have suffered injury caused by dangerous livestock then financial compensation may be payable. Read More » Compensation for Escalator and Lift Accidents 25th March 2011 The majority of times escalators and lifts are safe to use. However escalators and lifts can become dangerous and cause potentially dangerous accidents. Read More »
Woman Suffers Potential Spinal Cord Injury After Collision 23rd March 2011 An 18 year old woman is in Royal Oldham hospital with a potential spinal cord injury after her car collided with another vehicle. The accident happened on Saturday 19 March 2011 on the M62 near Rochda... Read More » Accidents on Another Person’s Property 23rd March 2011 If you are on another person’s property and you suffer an accident leading to personal injury, then the person who owns the property may be liable to pay you financial compensation. Read More »
Compensation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 18th March 2011 Since the 1980s doctors have recognised that being involved in a traumatic event can lead to mental harm as well as, or in conjunction with, physical harm. The recognised medical term for this is Post... Read More » Sustaining an Injury through Faulty Equipment 16th March 2011 ou with faulty equipment, then you may be eligible for financial compensation. Your employer is required by law to ensure that all the equipment you use as part of your job is safe for you to use. Fau... Read More »
Sustaining an Injury through Heavy Lifting 15th March 2011 Many accidents could be avoided with proper supervision. If you have suffered an injury through heavy lifting which you weren't trained to do, you could be entitled to make a claim. Read More » Claiming Compensation for an Animal Attack 14th March 2011 Financial compensation may be payable for an unprovoked attack from an animal. If you have suffered from an unprovoked animal attack, then contact us at Manners Pimblett and we will assess your claim ... Read More »
Horse Riding Accident Compensation 11th March 2011 Millions of people in the UK go horse riding as a hobby. Horse riding is a rewarding pastime as well as being great exercise. However many of these horse riders may not be aware that horse riding acci... Read More » Claiming Compensation for Your Child 11th March 2011 It is fair to say that it is every parent’s utmost concern to keep their child safe from harm. Yet it is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents happen and a parent’s worst fears may be realise... Read More »
Claiming Compensation for an Accident on Holiday 11th March 2011 If you have sustained a personal injury through an accident on holiday abroad, and it is not your fault, then you may be entitled to financial compensation, find out more in this article. Read More » Claiming for an Accident on Black Ice 3rd March 2011 If you have had a slip or fall on black ice you may be entitled to make a claim. Read More »
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