How much compensation can I claim for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 28th April 2011 PTSD can be as crippling as any physical injury, if not more so. Unseen and often not discussed, it is a very common injury and can ruin a person’s life. PTSD is a medical condition which can occu... Read More » Pub Landlord gets Electric Shock from Fridge 28th April 2011 On 12 April 2011 Ben Plunkett quite literally got the shock of his life when he touched a faulty fridge in his pub. Read More »
Two Injured in Gas Explosion at House in Henderson Street, Levenshulme 28th April 2011 On 14 April a man and a woman were hospitalised after a gas explosion in their house in Levenshulme. Read More » How can I Claim Compensation for Dental Negligence? 28th April 2011 Anyone who has suffered severe toothache will tell you we can suffer as much from the negligence of a dentist than we can from a doctor! Read More »
How do I know if I have a Personal Injury Claim? 28th April 2011 It is really as simple as it sounds – if you or someone close to you has been injured, emotionally, psychologically or physically then you have suffered a personal injury! Read More » Can I Claim Compensation for a Roundabout Accident? 28th April 2011 Roundabouts are a much safer alternative to cross-roads: there are approximately 40% fewer accidents on roundabouts. However, accidents still happen. Read More »
UK Road Traffic Accident Statistics 18th April 2011 In June of every year the Department of Transport publishes its statistics about personal injury road traffic accidents in the previous year. Read More » Claiming Financial Compensation for a Faulty Sunbed 18th April 2011 Sunbeds have been recognised for many years as being dangerous. More people than ever are using them, and more people than ever are developing melanoma and other skin cancers. Read More »
Claiming Compensation Against a friend? 18th April 2011 If you have an accident as a result of a friend’s negligence, you may think it is not worth losing the friend. Read More » Accidents following Heavy Lifting 18th April 2011 Heavy lifting plays a large part in many people’s lives. Be they nurses, firemen or drivers, there are many work activities which require a degree of heavy lifting. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident in the UK 12th April 2011 Although they make up less than 1% of all traffic, motorcyclists suffer 14% of serious injuries or fatalities in the UK. Read More » Suffering Whiplash after a Car Accident 12th April 2011 It is a shocking fact that in the UK there are around 40,000 road accidents each year. Over 3,500 people are killed on Britain’s roads every year and ten times that amount are seriously injured. Read More »
Can I make a claim compensation for a defective product? 12th April 2011 If you buy something which is faulty, it is not just annoying, but it may also be dangerous. Read More » Claiming Compensation for Food Poisoning on Holiday 12th April 2011 The summer getaway is exactly what it says. We save up all year, look forward to it and hope we come back refreshed and relaxed. We want our holiday to be perfect and don’t want anything to spoil ... Read More »
Salford Car Accident Leaves Four Injured 12th April 2011 On March 28, the A580 East Lancashire road in Salford reopened to traffic following a six vehicle collision. Read More » Claiming Compensation for a Hospital Acquired Infection 5th April 2011 Hospital acquired infections have become well publicised in recent years. We rightly expect hospitals to be places where people recover, not contract a completely new infection. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for MRSA 5th April 2011 If you or a loved one have contracted MRSA through a stay in hospital, then you may be able to claim compensation. Read More » Assault and Hit and Run at Charnock Richard Services in Chorley 5th April 2011 Officers were called to Charnock Richard Services in Chorley after two incidents occurred: A security guard was assaulted; a man was driven at and hit by a vehicle. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for Misdiagnosis 5th April 2011 If you have suffered from misdiagnosis you may be able to claim for financial compensation. Read More »
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