Claiming Compensation for an Accident on a Boat or Ship 25th May 2011 Safety is the primary concern when using a boat. Be it at sea or on river, on a canal or lake, we are taught to wear life-jackets to prevent drowning, and suitable shoes to avoid falling over. Read More » Claiming Compensation for a HGV Accident 25th May 2011 In 2003 2,474 pedestrians were hit by HGVs, of which 650 were killed or seriously injured. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for a Wrongful Death 25th May 2011 The death of a loved one hardly bears thinking about, but it does happen. When you lose a loved one, money will be the last thing on your mind. Read More » Claiming Compensation for an Accident in a Nursing Home 25th May 2011 As the number of older people in the UK increases, so does the number of people admitted to nursing homes. Inevitably, this means the number of accidents and injuries in nursing homes increases too. Read More »
What is the difference between an Accident and Negligence? 16th May 2011 It is a common misconception that we can claim compensation for any accident which was not our fault. Read More » Men have Lucky Escape from Loft Fire 16th May 2011 Two men had a lucky escape when the loft they were working in caught fire. The blaze broke out at a home in Bloomsbury Lane, Timperley, in the afternoon of 04 May. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for a Package Holiday 16th May 2011 Suffering an accident or illness on holiday is not only disappointing, but it may also be highly distressing. Read More » Claiming Compensation as an Injured Passenger 16th May 2011 Passengers in a car often receive greater injuries than the driver, ranging from whiplash to serious back injuries. Read More »
What is a Personal Injury? 16th May 2011 We’ve all heard of the term ‘personal injury’ and we’ve all seen the adverts on TV. However, all too many people – especially if they’re not lawyers – don’t even understand the term! Read More » Why Claim Compensation? 16th May 2011 An injury may affect you for the rest of your life. If you suffer an accident you may suffer pain for several years, or even the rest of your life. Read More »
Three Injured in Bolton as Truck is Driven on Pavement. 13th May 2011 In the early hours of Saturday morning two people were seriously injured when a truck drove deliberately into a crowd outside the Volunteer pub, Darcy Lever, Bolton. Read More » How Do I Claim Compensation? 13th May 2011 If you have suffered in an accident which was not your fault and caused by a third party, then you may have a claim for compensation. No matter how minor the injury, if you have incurred any losses, ... Read More »
How to take Legal Action for a Personal Injury 13th May 2011 After an accident or a debilitating illness, the last thing on your mind may be money. Your first thought will be to get better and back to work. However, it may be some time until this is possible.... Read More » What are Your Rights to Compensation? 13th May 2011 If you were injured, suffered loss from that injury, and can prove the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence then you may have a claim for compensation. Read More »
How do I Prove a Permanent Injury? 6th May 2011 A permanent injury can be more complicated than a temporary one. This may seem trite, but when you look at compensation for an injury which will affect you for the rest of your life, you only get one... Read More »
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