Claiming Compensation Against an Exercise Class 27th June 2011 Exercises classes are great for burning calories and getting fit, but they can also present a number of dangers not present in other gyms. Read More » Claiming Compensation Against a Gym 27th June 2011 Gyms can also be dangerous places in that it is relatively easy to get injured in one. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for an Adventure Holiday 27th June 2011 If you’re into outdoor pursuits, trekking, climbing, white-water rafting or skiing, you’re probably someone who likes danger! Read More » Claiming Compensation for a Chemical Burn 27th June 2011 In the past few years Health and Safety laws have reduced the number of chemical burn injuries, but they do still happen. When they do happen, the injuries sustained can be devastating. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for Accidents on Board a Plane 27th June 2011 Many people are scared of flying, but if you’re one of those who are not, you probably see flying as part of the fun of a holiday. Read More » Man suffers injury at Heinz factory 27th June 2011 Famous for its baked beans and tomato ketchup, Heinz is a brand associated with quality and good taste. However, its health and safety procedures were called into question recently. Read More »
Teenager Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver 13th June 2011 Teenager Sean Cullinane was on a pedestrian crossing near Timperley Cricket Ground when a driver went through an amber light and collided with him. Read More » Claiming Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury 13th June 2011 Traumatic Brain Injury (known as TBI) can range from minor injuries to total brain damage. Read More »
Who's Liable for Personal Injury? 13th June 2011 When you have an accident, you may have to spend a lot of money when you weren’t expecting it. Read More » Farmhouse Set Alight in Partington 13th June 2011 An abandoned farmhouse in Warburton Lane, Partington was set alight by arsonists on two consecutive nights. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for a Tractor Accident 13th June 2011 Anyone who lives in the country knows how common tractors and other farm vehicles are. Read More »
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