Injuries Sustained from Riots 18th August 2011 Riots are something that we would usually never expect to happen, especially in the UK. But in our ever changing world it seems that more frequently we are subjected to things that we never thought wo... Read More » Pleural Thickening Compensation Claims 17th August 2011 Pleural thickening is a disease that we commonly associate with being subjected to harmful amounts of asbestos. It is a disease of the lung and can be incredibly crippling depending on its severity. Read More »
Pedestrian Road Traffic Accident Claims 17th August 2011 When it comes to road traffic accidents it is not always car passengers that are involved. Pedestrians are often just as much at risk as any passenger in a car and are far more vulnerable as they are ... Read More » Merseyside Factory claims a life 17th August 2011 A chipboard factory in Greater Manchester has claimed yet another life after sub-contractor James Dennis Kay was killed last Saturday. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for Lung Cancer 17th August 2011 Cancer is one of the most debilitating diseases that anyone can suffer and to struggle through this disease knowing that it was caused by a third party can be an incredibly frustrating task. Read More » Gynaecology Claims 17th August 2011 When it comes to undergoing any medical procedure you could find that you gain a further injury as a result of medical negligence Read More »
Lorry Collision on the M67 12th August 2011 A two lorry collision on the M67 led to a lorry driver being airlifted to hospital on Friday. Firefighters cut the driver free from his lorry cab just after the crash which occurred near the motorway... Read More » Claiming Compensation Against a GP 12th August 2011 When you go to see your GP you expect that they will be able to offer you advice and a treatment plan to cure any ailment that you have. Unfortunately, just like us GP’s are human and therefore they... Read More »
Fatal Road Traffic Accident Claims 12th August 2011 Road accidents can be incredibly dangerous to everyone involved. As these accidents usually occur at high speeds the consequences of an impact can be incredibly brutal and can often eventuate in a fat... Read More » Claiming Compensation for Elderly Abuse 12th August 2011 As some of our most vulnerable citizens, our elderly are some of the people that need a touch of extra care. Unfortunately according to recent statistics a large number of elderly people suffer abuse ... Read More »
Claiming Compensation for a Defective Medical Product 12th August 2011 Most of us don’t think twice when we go to our local pharmacy to buy over-the-counter medications. We assume that because we are buying from a health store there will be nothing wrong with the produ... Read More » Claiming Compensation Against the Council 12th August 2011 When it comes to going out in our local area, it is the responsibility of the Council to ensure that our surroundings and public facilities are safe and easy to use. Unfortunately with increased spend... Read More »
Child Brain Injury Compensation Claims 12th August 2011 When it comes to the injury of a child, we understand what a stressful and difficult time this can often be for a family. When your child is in pain, there is nothing a parent wants more than to take ... Read More » Claiming Compensation for Cancer 12th August 2011 If you are suffering due to the fault or negligence of another person then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation to cover your medical expenses in addition to any loss of income that yo... Read More »
Claiming Compensation Against the Police 12th August 2011 We all acknowledge and understand the responsibility and rights of our police officers to operate in a safe and effective manner. Read More » Accident and Emergency Compensation Claims 12th August 2011 Sometimes in life we never know when we are going to end up in hospital. In fact most of the time we seem to be there when we least expect it. Read More »
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