Three vehicle collision causes delays on M62 30th September 2011 There were long delays on the M62 northbound between junction 21 and 22 on Tuesday after a heavy collision between two lorries and a caravan. The queue took several hours to clear and stretched bac... Read More » Stockport Council Ask for Pothole Measurement 30th September 2011 In a move to cut costs and improve the safety of road users, Stockport Council is asking drivers to measure the size of potholes before asking the council to fix them. Read More »
Compensation Against Drunk Drivers 30th September 2011 Driving can be an almost necessary part of our lives and at some point we will usually get behind the wheel of a car which enables us to reach our destination quickly and efficiently. Read More » Claiming Compensation Against Orthopaedics 29th September 2011 When it comes to movement and performing daily tasks, our muscles, tendons and bone structures make a large contribution towards our ability to perform these tasks well. Read More »
Family car crash leaves mum and baby critically ill 29th September 2011 A one-year-old child and their mother have been left fighting for their lives after they were involved in a horrific car crash during the early hours of Sunday morning. Read More » Man Injured in Gas Explosion 29th September 2011 A gas explosion has left a Crumpsall man in hospital. Read More »
Compensation for Accidents in the Kitchen 29th September 2011 As the kitchen is home to both a range of electrical and gas appliances, in addition to a number of sharp tools, it’s an area where without the correct precautions we can be easily injured. Read More » Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compensation 27th September 2011 When it comes to injuries, it’s important to remember that no matter how big or small your injury, if it hasn’t been caused by you then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Read More »
Road Traffic Accidents on a Bus 27th September 2011 If you are involved in a bus accident and you feel that it is through the negligence of the bus driver or of another driver then you may be able to claim for compensation to cover any costs you incur.... Read More » Scaffolding Accident Compensation 27th September 2011 When it comes to working at a height, usually on a building construction or other venture, the use of scaffolding is generally mandatory to ensure the stability of workers as they complete the constru... Read More »
HGV Accident Compensation 26th September 2011 As a road user you have a responsibility to not only ensure that you are doing the right thing, but also to keep an eye on everyone around you and ensure that you are trying your best to keep out of h... Read More » Claiming Compensation for a Road Accident in a Taxi 26th September 2011 A taxi is susceptible to a motor vehicle accident and if you are in the taxi at the time when one occurs then you could suffer serious injuries. Taxi drivers have a responsibility to ensure your safet... Read More »
Tinnitus Claims 26th September 2011 Hearing is one of the most important senses that we have. It helps us to interpret the world around us, hear what people have to say and respond accordingly and listen to music, television and other f... Read More » Garden Related Injury Compensation 22nd September 2011 Working in the garden can be hard work and it can require a range of tasks such as climbing, plowing, planting, reaching, bending down and a variety of movements which can put stress and strain on you... Read More »
Compensation for Knee Injuries 22nd September 2011 When it comes to completing everyday tasks, our knees are incredibly important. They allow us to walk, run, jog, sit and stand for a lengthy period of time, and without this functionality it would be ... Read More » Lead Poisoning Compensation 14th September 2011 In many workplaces we are forced to work with dangerous chemicals on a daily basis, but one of the most common of these chemicals that can be found in almost every workplace is lead. Read More »
Forklift Truck Accident Compensation 14th September 2011 Like any form of transport, forklift trucks can be dangerous if not driven correctly, and in many situations this can lead to a serious injury of the driver or of anyone in the surrounding area. Read More » Compensation for Falls in the Workplace 14th September 2011 In many workplaces the employer can be negligent in their safety rules and regulations and in some cases this can lead to injuries being caused. Read More »
Compensation for Falls in a Supermarket 14th September 2011 Supermarkets are generally quite safe areas, but with an abundance of people and the fact that many of us are in a hurry when we are shopping, it can lead to potential injuries if items are left lying... Read More » Acoustic Shock Compensation 14th September 2011 Using a telephone is something that most people commonly do when they are working in an office environment. As with any piece of equipment, the telephone does have the potential to cause injury to an ... Read More »
Overturned car injures six 2nd September 2011 Police were called to Broadgate in Chadderton overnight after a car overturned at a roundabout killing three motorists and injuring three more. Read More » Plane to Malaga forced to make emergency landing 2nd September 2011 A plane en route to Malaga was forced to make an emergency landing after a problem was discovered with the operational systems shortly after take-off. Read More »
Ski Injury Compensation Claim 2nd September 2011 When it comes to taking a vacation not everyone chooses to head to the sun, surf and sea. Many families instead choose to take a winter break away to the ski slopes of continental Europe. Read More » Sea Injury Compensation Claims 2nd September 2011 Being injured at sea can often be a life-changing experience. The feeling of helplessness and being so far away from home and even from land is enough to emotionally scar a person for the rest of thei... Read More »
Surgery Compensation Claims 2nd September 2011 When it comes to undergoing surgery, whatever the situation, it can be one of the most stressful times of your life. As you are putting your livelihood into the hands of another person it can be a tou... Read More »
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