Compensation for falling down stairs 26th October 2011 When it comes to homes, multi storey properties are a popular choice with many families who may like the idea of segregating certain areas of their home, or simply not be able to afford larger blocks ... Read More » Claiming Compensation for an Accident in a Playground 24th October 2011 Children love to play in the playground. It's common knowledge that during school breaks and even afterschool the playground is the place that children really want to be. Read More »
Compensation for a work caused skin disease 24th October 2011 When it comes to working in any environment, it is always important to ensure that we are working in both a safe and hygienic environment, so that when we leave at the end of the day we leave behind a... Read More » Major accident causes rush hour chaos 20th October 2011 Rush hour traffic was brought to a standstill on the M6 southbound on Tuesday after a major accident left many motorists stranded. Read More »
Compensation for a medical prescription error 19th October 2011 There are many times in our lives where we have to visit and doctor, and if we are ill, from time to time they will offer us a medical prescription with a suggested medication to help any illness or i... Read More » Compensation caused by a lack of lighting 19th October 2011 When it comes to a UK winter we all know what it means – dark, cold, wet and wintery nights. When it falls dark at around 4:30pm many of us have not even left the office and by the time most of us r... Read More »
Timperley crash leaves man in hospital 17th October 2011 A car crash in Timperley has left an elderly man in hospital suffering from shock. Read More » Compensation for road accident caused by hazard in the road 17th October 2011 When it comes to driving on the road there are a number of obstacles that could potentially cause a great number of hazards to even the most experienced driver. Read More »
Extreme Weather Training needed by Network Rail Staff 17th October 2011 The derailment of a Manchester train by an icicle late last year has sparked interest in providing extreme weather training to many network rail staff members. Read More » Compensation for injuries caused by an uneven path 12th October 2011 When it comes to walking down the street, it’s an activity that we all perform on a fairly regular basis. Whether it’s walking to and from work, the gym or you are just out for a leisurely stroll,... Read More »
Compensation claim against a nursery 12th October 2011 When it comes to children growing up, at some point or another they will generally have to attend a nursery. Nurseries can be a great option for busy working parents who do not have time to look after... Read More » Claiming compensation for nerve damage 10th October 2011 Our nervous system is one of the most important aspects of our body – it is responsible for almost every function that our bodies perform from voluntary to involuntary activities. Read More »
Woman struck by a car in Urmston 7th October 2011 A 22 year old woman suffered head injuries after being struck by a car in Urmston last week. Read More » Compensation for an Injury Caused by a Falling Object 7th October 2011 When it comes to working with anything at a height there is always a risk that you could be hit by a falling object. Read More »
Compensation for an Accident in a Car Park 7th October 2011 When it comes to driving a car, one of the most common things that we will have to do is park it. Car parks can be found right across the country almost anywhere and are most common around supermarket... Read More » Compensation for a Road Accident Caused by a Pothole 7th October 2011 When it comes to roads, maintenance and construction are two of the most important elements to ensuring that they are safe and secure to drive on. Read More »
Claiming Compensation for a Scooter Accident 7th October 2011 When it comes to getting around easily, sometimes a car is just too much of a difficult option. For those who aren’t overly keen on a motorbike, a scooter can seem like the perfect mix of the two, p... Read More »
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