Residents still searching for answers from Irlam gas explosion 28th November 2011 One year on many residents are still trying to work out what happened that fateful day in Irlam and still many feel that they are no closer to discovering the answers. Read More » M6 Northbound closed after tanker spillage 28th November 2011 The M6 Northbound was closed last week after a tanker spillage spread across the major motorway, wreaking havoc on local motorists. Read More »
Laser Skin Resurfacing Compensation Claims 28th November 2011 When it comes to looking younger many people opt for a traditional facelift. But everyday newer and safer technologies are being developed to help cut down the time and the costs of the race to look e... Read More » Facelift (Rhytidectomy) Compensation Claims 28th November 2011 Plastic surgery is an incredibly popular choice in the UK for people who are looking to change their appearance. In many cases people like to go for a more youthful look, or there are certain aspects ... Read More »
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Compensation Claims 28th November 2011 Our ears are one of the most important parts of our body. They allow us to hear everything around us, talk and listen to what people have to say in addition to listening to music and various other for... Read More » Compensation for Wrist Injuries at Work 28th November 2011 Wrists are an area of the body that are commonly neglected, but what many people fail to realise is how important a part they play in everyday tasks. Read More »
Compensation for neck injuries at work 17th November 2011 The workplace is one of the leading sources of personal injury claims. As this is an area where we spend a great deal of our lives, it is also an area where there are a wide range of potential hazards... Read More » Compensation for Mesothelioma Death 17th November 2011 When it comes to workplace injuries one of the biggest causes of long term, serious illness has been an exposure to the dangerous material asbestos. Read More »
Compensation for Injuries Caused at Work by Faulty Machinery 17th November 2011 When it comes to the workplace there are a number of injuries that you could incur in a whole host of different situations. I Read More » Compensation for Faulty Breast Augmentation 10th November 2011 Plastic surgery is becoming commonplace in society and each year thousands of women go under the knife with the hopes of becoming more like the models that we see on the pages of magazines. Read More »
Compensation for Fatal Workplace Accidents 10th November 2011 When it comes to personal injury claims, one of the most common types of claim that we will deal with is against an employer. In many cases people may have developed short or long term injuries as a r... Read More » Compensation for Drug Related Traffic Accident 10th November 2011 When it comes to using the roads, we all know that the biggest danger to our health is other road users, that’s why there are many rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety. Read More »
Compensation for Accidents Caused by Negligence 10th November 2011 When it comes to compensation claims one of the most important things to remember is that you don’t have to suffer in silence. Read More » Compensation for a Serious Accident at Work 10th November 2011 When it comes to making a compensation claim against your workplace it can often seem like a daunting task. Many people are concerned that compensation claims will result in the loss of their job and ... Read More »
Compensation for a Back Injury at Work 10th November 2011 When it comes to injuries in the workplace, one of the most common types of complaint that we deal with is back injuries Read More » Baby “sent home” from health centre dies of meningitis 10th November 2011 Hours after he was taken to a medical clinic with a high temperature, cold hands and purple spots on his neck a baby has died, after being sent home with a diagnosed viral infection. Read More »
17 year old killed in car crash 10th November 2011 A 17-year-old was killed after his car collided with a telegraph pole in the early hours of Monday morning. Read More » Compensation against the MOD 10th November 2011 Working in the armed forces is one of the most highly respected jobs that you can hold, but it’s important to remember that just like any other employer, the Ministry of Defence has a responsibility... Read More »
Compensation for bereaved family 1st November 2011 When it comes to life changing accidents and even loss of life, it is not only the person involved who may be directly affected. Read More » Compensation for a manual handling accident 1st November 2011 When it comes to working in any job that involves physical labour, it is important that employees learn and use the correct techniques to lift, lower and move items around the workplace, especially if... Read More »
Compensation for a JCB accident at work 1st November 2011 When it comes to working with any type of JCB machinery, there is always a risk that you could receive an injury if the machinery is faulty or if you have not been correctly trained on how to use the ... Read More »
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