Compensation for Work Related Cancer 29th December 2011 Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases that a person can suffer from, and with many types of cancer having a generally low survival rate, developing cancer in a work environment can have serio... Read More » Compensation for Work Related Asthma 29th December 2011 When it comes to working, regardless of the environment that you work in there will always be potential health risks if you don’t take the correct safety precautions. Read More »
Compensation for Tattoo Injuries 29th December 2011 When it comes to decorating our bodies, tattoos and piercings are quite common and as they have continued to grow in popularity over the last few decades the procedures and safety restrictions around ... Read More » Compensation for soldiers 29th December 2011 When it comes to working on the front line, being a soldier and representing your country can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Read More »
Compensation for Low Speed Car Accident 29th December 2011 When it comes to personal injury compensation some of the most common claims that we deal with involve motor vehicle accidents. Read More » Compensation for Liposuction 29th December 2011 With increasing obesity rates around the UK, many people are looking for quicker and more effective ways to lose weight. Read More »
Compensation for heavy metal poisoning 29th December 2011 Working is something that most people do on a daily basis to form an income, but in some situations there are working environments which are more dangerous than others Read More » Compensation for Hair Transplant Injuries 29th December 2011 They type of hair that we have is generally pre-determined in our genetics and in many situations this can leave us with a beautiful mane of hair, or in some situations none at all. Read More »
Compensation for Firework Accidents 29th December 2011 When it comes to celebrations, one incredibly popular option is to light up the night sky with a wide array of brightly coloured fireworks. Read More » Compensation for Firefighters 29th December 2011 When it comes to working on the frontline, we commonly think of soldiers and people going to war, but there are many other people that work on the frontline every day and these include police, firefig... Read More »
Compensation for Eye Surgery 29th December 2011 Giving us a view on the world, our eyes are one of the most important features that we have and they allow us to see and perceive the things around us. Read More » Compensation for Chemical Peel Injuries 29th December 2011 When it comes to beauty treatments, in recent years we have been subjected to more innovative and creative approaches, and one major form of beauty treatment which has come onto the market is a chemic... Read More »
Compensation for an Accident on a Public Road 29th December 2011 When it comes to personal injury claims, one of the most common types of claim that we deal with are motor vehicle accidents. Normally when you are dealing with this type of claim there is always a pe... Read More » Compensation for a Wrong Tooth Extraction 29th December 2011 When it comes to dental work, in general it is an area of medical treatment that we try to avoid. But from time to time some teeth cannot be saved and as a result an extraction is necessary. Read More »
Compensation for a Failed Dental Procedure 29th December 2011 Dental work in the UK is incredibly expensive, and for that reason it is one type of medical work that many of us try to avoid. Read More » Compensation against a Pharmacy 29th December 2011 When it comes to minor or even major ailments and illnesses, after we visit our GP we will generally be given a prescription which is taken to the nearest pharmacy to give us medicine designed to mak... Read More »
Thirty three year old woman dies within weeks of having her gastric band removed 13th December 2011 Just weeks after having an operation to remove a gastric band, a 33 year old woman has died. The band, which helped the woman to shed seven stone, was fitted five years older after the woman was d... Read More » Longsight man killed in motor vehicle accident 13th December 2011 A 21 year old man has died after being hit by a car in Longsight, in the early hours of Sunday morning. Read More »
Industrial cleaning fluid sends two toddlers to hospital at local carvery 13th December 2011 A restaurant mistakenly served two toddlers industrial cleaning fluid instead of water, leaving them both in a serious condition in hospital. Read More » Christmas crackdown for drink drivers 13th December 2011 As it comes to that time of year again, the police will be stepping up their drink driving campaigns over the Christmas period. Read More »
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