Poisonous gas alert still causing problems in Boothtown 25th January 2012 More than five months on, families who were forced out of their homes in Boothtown due to a poisonous gas alert are still waiting to return home. Residents have been forced to spend the Christmas ... Read More » Institutional discrimination leads to at least 74 deaths 25th January 2012 The death of at least 74 patients with a learning disability has led to accusations that the NHS may have caused or contributed towards “institutional discrimination” of some patients. Read More »
Free corrective surgery could be made available to women with “faulty” breast implants 25th January 2012 A debate has recently been sparked as to whether women who have received “faulty” breast implants should be given free corrective surgery by either private or public healthcare professionals. Read More » Elderly being left “lonely, isolated and at risk” under current system 23rd January 2012 Experts say that England’s "failing" social care system is leaving around 800,000 at risk and they are calling on the Government and the opposition to fix the problem. Read More »
Compensation for welding accident 23rd January 2012 When it comes to performing construction either at home or in the workplace, welding materials together is a common form of joinery which helps to provide a strong and stable base for a whole range of... Read More » Compensation for unsafe floor covering 23rd January 2012 When it comes to the homes, the workplace or any other public areas the floor which we walk upon contributes to our mobility and also to our safety, so it’s important that it follows a number of rul... Read More »
Compensation for social care abuse 23rd January 2012 Unfortunately in some situations these homes are not the ideal location and although in most circumstances they do an incredible job of looking after those who cannot look after themselves. Read More » Compensation for poor NHS care 23rd January 2012 When it comes to treating medical conditions, one of the first places that we will go for treatment is to the National Health Service, or the NHS as it is commonly known. Read More »
Compensation for inadequate care 23rd January 2012 When it comes to making a personal injury claim many people feel that they have to be very injury specific, but this is not always the case. In some situations you may choose to make a claim for gener... Read More » Compensation for Accidents on public property 23rd January 2012 When it comes to making a personal injury claim there are a number of circumstances that could contribute to your accident, but in some cases it could be the location of your accident that alludes to ... Read More »
Compensation for accident in a warehouse 23rd January 2012 When it comes to dealing with compensation claims, personal injuries can occur in any location, regardless of what type of environment you might work in. Read More » Compensation for an accident at an airport 23rd January 2012 When it comes to travelling, one of common method of transportation that we will frequently take is air transportation and in many circumstances this can be a quick and effective method of reaching ou... Read More »
Claiming compensation as a group 23rd January 2012 When it comes to claiming compensation, it may not always be as an individual that you need to make a compensation claim, sometimes accidents can happen in a group and as a result you may all be injur... Read More » Compensation for a hotel pool accident 20th January 2012 Unfortunately, as with any type of pool, hotel pools can be potentially dangerous if the correct precautions are not taken and it’s for this reason that hotels have a responsibility to maintain them... Read More »
Claiming compensation for faulty breast implants 20th January 2012 When it comes to plastic surgery, many of us choose to undergo the knife to change the way that we look or to alter or enhance certain features of our body. Read More » Claiming compensation for a shoulder injury 20th January 2012 When it comes to performing a wide range of daily tasks, our shoulder is one of the most important parts of our body, and is responsible for a wide range of motions and functions. Read More »
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Compensation Claims 11th January 2012 When it comes to areas of our body that most people would like to improve the stomach is usually a popular option among most women. Read More » Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) Compensation Claims 11th January 2012 When it comes to achieving beauty many people turn to plastic surgery to alter certain areas of their body that they don’t like. Read More »
Compensation for Thumb Injury 11th January 2012 When it comes to performing a number of daily tasks one thing that we often fail to recognise is the importance of our thumbs. Read More » Compensation for Injuries sustained from an Explosion 11th January 2012 When it comes to dealing with personal injury claims there are many different events which could lead to a claim, but many of the most common are completely unexpected, for example an explosion. Read More »
Compensation for Back Injuries from a Chair 11th January 2012 When it comes to the office, the chair that we sit in can be far more important than people realise as a poor chair which leaves us with poor posture on a daily basis can put increased pressure on are... Read More » Compensation for Accidents on a Farm 11th January 2012 When it comes to taking up a relaxing hobby or occupation many people choose the farm life as a great alternative to the traditional hustle and bustle of working in the city. Read More »
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