Snow and mild weather hits the UK 20th February 2012 The UK has been hit with a cold end to winter, subjected to freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls in some areas, which forecasters are not predicting to end soon. The risk of icy roads has been... Read More » Man who suffered brain damage at birth receives £3 million payout 20th February 2012 After a 20 year legal battle a man has won compensation over a brain damage he suffered at birth. The man claimed that blunders at Fairfield Hospital in Bury led to the man developing cerebral pal... Read More »
Girl loses ear to bull terrier 20th February 2012 A girl’s parents have been left in a state of shock after their six-year-old girl was attacked by a bull terrier in the north-east London suburb of Chingford. The child’s parents claim that the... Read More » Compensation for Pleural Plaques 20th February 2012 When it comes to workplace injury compensation there are a number of different injury types that we deal with, in general many relate to specific recent injuries that are easy to identify, such as a b... Read More »
Compensation for Industrial Silicone Implants 20th February 2012 Plastic surgery is a technique that is becoming increasingly popular across the UK as more and more people search for that level of perfection. Read More » Compensation for Faulty Testicular Implants 20th February 2012 When it comes to plastic surgery, implants are one of the most popular types of surgery that is undertaken by both men and women each year and as it becomes more affordable and more available to the w... Read More »
Compensation for e-coli 20th February 2012 When it comes to the consumption of food the preparation, storage and way that we cook food is incredibly important to ensure that it is both safe and healthy for our consumption. Read More » Compensation for Benzene Poisoning 20th February 2012 When it comes to chemicals, there are many products that are dangerous to the human body, yet are used in everyday business. When we are around these products it’s important that we take the correct... Read More »
Compensation for arsenic poisoning 20th February 2012 When it comes to the workplace there are a number of dangerous substances that you could potentially be exposed to and if you aren’t given the correct safety equipment and don’t take the correct s... Read More » Rochdale dad receives compensation after choking on rubber in a crisp packet 14th February 2012 A Rochdale dad has been awarded £3500 after chocking on a rubber mould left inside a packet of Walkers crisps. Found in a multi-buy packet from the local supermarket, the rubber mould, very simil... Read More »
Compensation for Unsafe Working Environment 14th February 2012 When it comes to working it is one activity that we spend most of our lives doing and as a result, it’s something that we need to take seriously. Read More » Compensation for Specialist Treatment 14th February 2012 When it comes to treating illnesses, in most situations we will take a visit to our local GP who will prescribe us with a medication to make any minor ailments or problems that we have go away. Read More »
Compensation for Poison Fumes 14th February 2012 When it comes to working or even living around gas, electrical or other appliances, without proper maintenance there is always a chance that something can go wrong. Read More » Compensation for Burning Fumes 14th February 2012 When it comes to combustion, it is a common occurrence in most homes or workplaces and in general is used to create energy, provide fuel to complete a range of daily tasks, or even for cooking. Read More »
Compensation for Breast Implants Toxicity Sickness 14th February 2012 When it comes to improving self-esteem, most women will opt for breast augmentation surgery to increase their chest size. Quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery across the U... Read More » Compensation for Bacterial Poisoning 14th February 2012 When it comes to relaxing or celebrating an event, eating a meal out is popular form of celebration and it’s something that many families and couples choose to do on a regular basis. Read More »
Compensation for accident at an Amusement Park 14th February 2012 When it comes to getting a thrill, amusement parks are a popular choice for people who want a fun day out and in many cases they are a great day out for the entire family, filled with a range of rides... Read More » Compensation for a Cold Working Environment 14th February 2012 When it comes to the workplace as it is an environment that we usually spend a great deal of time in, it’s a place that we want to be incredibly comfortable, allowing us to perform our usually daily... Read More »
Claiming compensation for Salmonella 14th February 2012 When it comes to having a celebration, or simply going out for a nice meal, the last thing that is on your mind is ending up in hospital, but unfortunately in some situations mainly due to poor kitche... Read More » Claiming compensation for PIP implants 14th February 2012 Although breast implants are always a hotly discussed topic, in recent months they have really come to the forefront of the news with the revelations that PIP implants could be potentially dangerous t... Read More »
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