Soft Tissue injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 Each year there are thousands of road traffic accidents right around the UK, ranging from very serious accidents which occur at high speed, to very minor accidents which may be a simple shunt in a car... Read More » Amputation from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 Every year in the UK thousands of people are injured in road traffic accidents, but unfortunately some of these injuries are more severe than others and when it comes to amputation, this type of injur... Read More »
Compensation for negligence at a Hospital 26th March 2012 Generally when you are in a hospital environment you are hoping to receive the best care possible and in most situations, doctors, nurses and various other healthcare professionals do their utmost to ... Read More » Fractures from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 Road traffic accidents can result in a number of injuries to the occupants of any vehicle, but one of the most common injuries that can occur as a result of an impact of this type is a fracture. Read More »
Head Injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 One of the most severe types of injuries that you can sustain from a road traffic accident is a head injury and in many situations the impact and trauma caused from this event can leave you with long ... Read More » New research shows PIP implants are potentially more widespread 26th March 2012 In addition to the thousands of women who have received the faulty PIP implants since 2001, it is now thought than an additional 7000 women may have received these implants before 2001, and may now ne... Read More »
New study labels helmets “useless” in major bike accidents 26th March 2012 Dr Carwyn Hooper from St George’s University of London believes new research suggest that wearing protective headgear is useless should a serious cycling accident occur. Read More » Road Traffic Accident with a Parked Car 26th March 2012 When a person thinks of a road traffic accident, they are usually thinking of a high speed collision which results in the car becoming a total write-off and serious injuries to the occupants, but this... Read More »
Road Traffic Accident with an Emergency Vehicle 26th March 2012 Emergency vehicles are an incredibly important part of society and it’s due to the dedication and commitment of these team members that many lives are saved across the UK each year. Read More » Slip on water (wet floor) compensation claim 26th March 2012 Although personal injuries can happen anywhere, in most situations there is a person at fault and in many situations these injuries could have been avoided if the correct precautions and safety measur... Read More »
Spinal Injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 As the basis of our body, our spine is one of the most important bones that we have and any injuries in this area can have a serious impact on our lifestyle. Read More » Three vehicle collision leaves two hurt 26th March 2012 Firefighters were called to the scene of a three vehicle collision last Thursday night which left one man with serious injuries and two others with minor injuries. The collision on Pasture Lane in... Read More »
Young boy escapes serious injury after manhole cover failure 26th March 2012 A young boy has escaped with just cuts and bruises after falling 6ft down a drain after being the victim of a loose manhole cover. The four year old boy was taken to a nearby hospital after he sust... Read More » Road Traffic Accident with a Stationary Object 26th March 2012 In some situations a perfectly stationary object which you don’t see can cause just as much damage to you and your vehicle. Read More »
Road Traffic Accident with a Foreign Driver 26th March 2012 Whether travellers, vacationers or people who are here on work, each year thousands of foreign drivers enter the UK for a practical purpose and the majority of these people will at some time use the U... Read More » Neck Injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 Regardless of how they happen, injuries can be sustained through any type of road traffic accident and in general, due to the nature of the accident and the impact which results, neck injuries are one... Read More »
Leg Injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 Road traffic accidents can lead to a number of different injuries, but due to the general design of a car and the fact that many accidents involve a front-end impact, your legs are one area of the bod... Read More » Chest Injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 Road traffic accidents are incredibly common right across the UK and each day many motorists receive injuries through the negligence of another road user or governing body. Read More »
Back Injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 Back injuries are perhaps one of the most crippling and debilitating injuries that you could sustain and they are one type of injury that is able to have a very direct impact on your lifestyle. Read More » Arm Injuries from a Road Traffic Accident 26th March 2012 As one of the most functional parts of our bodies, our arms are something that we use regularly on a daily basis to perform a wide range of common tasks. Read More »
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