Parents in legal battle after baby loses part of finger 21st May 2012 The parents of a young child who lost part of her finger in a medical accident are seeking $15,000 compensation from the operating nurse. The child was 3 months old when the accident occurred at t... Read More » Jersey care home victims to be offered up to £60,000 21st May 2012 An inquiry into abuse at Jersey’s children’s homes between 1945 and 1994 has meant over 100 previous residents are now eligible to make a claim for abuse that they suffered. Read More »
Compensation for tripping at work 21st May 2012 As an area where we spend a great deal of our lives, the workplace is one area where we like to feel safe and secure. Read More » Compensation for Pressure Sores 21st May 2012 Often unnoticed or dismissed as a relatively small abrasion or injury, pressure sores are one type of injury that can be hard to diagnose and therefore isn’t frequently considered during personal in... Read More »
Compensation for Maritime Accidents 21st May 2012 Whether you have recently taken a cruise holiday, been out on a boat, or simply have engaged in any water-type activity at sea, you could be at risk of a maritime accident. Read More » Compensation for loss of earnings 21st May 2012 Dealing with a personal injury claim can be a traumatic experience, particularly if you have suffered medically as a result of an accident, but what can really add insult to injury is when you begin t... Read More »
Compensation for Chest Injuries 21st May 2012 As one of the main areas of our body, our chest is responsible for housing some of the most important organs in our body and any injuries in this area can cause serious health issues and potential lon... Read More » Compensation for an Elbow Injury 21st May 2012 As one of the most important joints in our bodies, our elbows form a crucial link between our forearms and upper arm area, and they are responsible for giving us the movement and flexibility that we r... Read More »
Compensation for an accident on a construction site 21st May 2012 Building and construction zones are some of the most potentially hazardous and dangerous areas and there are a number of safety rules and regulations which govern the way that these areas must be oper... Read More » Compensation for an accident in a shop 21st May 2012 Shopping is an essential part of life, and for many people it’s something that they enjoy. Read More »
Compensation for an accident at a factory 21st May 2012 The manufacturing industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world and as such it employs a wide number of employees. Read More » Compensation for a slip in a pub 21st May 2012 On the weekend, or even in some cases on a week night, the pub is an area where most people like to spend their time if they are looking to relax with a few beers. Read More »
Compensation for a Pierced Colon 21st May 2012 One of the most common sources of personal injury claim is from an error during a surgical procedure or during a medical treatment. Read More » Compensation for a fall from a ladder 21st May 2012 Often in the construction or manufacturing environment one of the most common pieces of apparatus that we will be required to use is a ladder. Read More »
Compensation for a fall down steps 21st May 2012 Unless you happen to work or live in a single storey building, then you will have to deal with stairs on a regular basis. Read More » Compensation for a child bitten by a dog 21st May 2012 Animals and pets are an incredibly large part of our lives, especially in the life of a child and developing a love of animals and interaction with them is often an important of growing up. Read More »
Compensation claim for Cerebral Palsy 21st May 2012 Although all personal injury claims can be tough, there are some which can have a far more drastic impact on a person's life than others. Often developed at birth, cerebral palsy can have a huge impac... Read More » Asbestos families to receive compensation from insurance firms 21st May 2012 Up to £600 million could be paid to relatives of asbestos victims after a landmark victory in the Supreme Court. The court ruled that asbestos victims could now claim for insurance when they had ... Read More »
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