Premature twins die after “failings” in care, according to a coroner. 19th July 2012 A coroner has ruled that an overdose of morphine played a part in the death of two babies in Stafford Hospital in November 2010 – aged just one day old. Read More » Compensation for Transverse Fracture at Work 19th July 2012 Accidents in the workplace are quite common around the UK and although there are relatively strict health and safety guidelines to govern how a workplace should operate for the safety of their staff, ... Read More »
Compensation for a Compression Fracture 19th July 2012 The back is one area of the body that is incredibly important to pretty much any task we are trying to do and any injuries in this area can leave us with serious health problems and concerns further d... Read More » Compensation for a Spiral Fracture at Work 19th July 2012 Fractures in the workplace are not uncommon right around the UK and for many people they are perhaps one of the most common sources of a compensation claim. Read More »
Compensation for an Avulsion Fracture 18th July 2012 In many situations you could find yourself sustaining an injury that you barely notice – often as the result of a light impact – and in this case you could find that you have sustained an avulsion... Read More » Driver admits to causing the death of a six-year-old boy 18th July 2012 A 22-year-old man admitted to causing the death of a six-year-old boy in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in June last year. The man of Emley, Huddersfield admitted to Leeds Crown Court that he was respon... Read More »
Compensation for a Single Fracture 18th July 2012 Fractures can be one of the most painful and yet perhaps one of the most common types of personal injury claims that you could look at making. Read More » Compensation for a Transverse Fracture 18th July 2012 When we think of a fractured bone, the most common idea that we get is of the bone split or broken into two or more parts right across the middle. Essentially this is what a transverse fracture is. Read More »
Compensation for a Fracture 18th July 2012 Every bone in our body serves a purpose and whether this is a significant or relatively insignificant purpose, it still plays its part in ensuring that we are able to function in the way that we desir... Read More » Compensation for a Spiral Fracture 18th July 2012 There are many different fractures that you could sustain which have the potential to leave you with quite serious injuries but perhaps one of the less common and yet more painful types of fracture th... Read More »
Policeman charged after car crash 18th July 2012 A Bury policeman has denied the charges laid against him after a crash in Greater Manchester resulted in the death of his passenger. On 5 December 2011 Brendan Buggie was involved in a collision on... Read More » Compensation for a fracture at work 18th July 2012 The workplace is one of the most common areas for a personal injury claim to be made, and this is generally because any accidents in this area are the result of direct negligence made by either an emp... Read More »
Compensation for a Compound Fracture 18th July 2012 Although the word “fracture” is often referred to as something that isn’t serious, this is not always the case. In some situations you may suffer just a light fracture which will generally heal ... Read More » Crash outside Bramcote Crematorium claims the life of cyclist 18th July 2012 A collision with a lorry has left a cyclist dead outside a crematorium in Nottinghamshire. The crash which happened outside Bramcote Crematorium in Coventry Lane, Bramcote left the man who is thoug... Read More »
Compensation for a Complicated Fracture 18th July 2012 For many people suffering from a fractured bone is hard enough, but unfortunately in some situations the ramifications of this broken bone can be far more severe and can lead to further complications.... Read More » Compensation for a Complete Fracture 18th July 2012 Although many people believe a fracture to be the separation of just one area of the bone, this is not always the case and there are a number of different fractures that you could receive at any one t... Read More »
Compensation for a Comminuted Fracture 18th July 2012 If you have been involved in an accident caused by another person then you could find yourself the victim of a comminuted fracture. Read More » Compensation for a Bowing Fracture 18th July 2012 Although there are a number of different injuries that you could consider making a compensation claim for, fractures are perhaps one of the most painful and often hardest to identify. Read More »
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