Road sign kills biker in Northumberland 26th September 2012 A biker has been killed after colliding with a road sign on the A696 road in Northumberland. Read More » Hip Replacement leaves Bramhall mum in “living hell” 26th September 2012 A mother-of-two was left housebound for months after having her hip removed following a hip replacement operation. Read More »
Lorry accident leaves one dead 26th September 2012 An accident which involved a HGV hitting a traffic light in Chester has left one person dead. Read More » Fatal motorbike crash in Liverpool 26th September 2012 Roadside railings claimed the life of a motorbike rider in Liverpool last week. Read More »
Compensation for wrist injuries from office work 26th September 2012 Although the office is one area that we wouldn’t usually associate with injuries, it is one area of the workplace which does have the potential to leave you with serious injuries if you don’t take... Read More » Compensation for sensory loss after a head injury 26th September 2012 Head injuries are often some of the most dangerous and serious injuries that you can incur and if you do find that you are left with a head injury, then the repercussions and long term side effects ca... Read More »
Compensation for misdiagnosis of tumours 26th September 2012 Lumps and bumps under the skin are generally no reason to worry, but unfortunately in some situations these health issues can point to far more serious issues that may require immediate attention. Read More » Compensation for loss of limbs on a building site 26th September 2012 Although essential for the construction and development industry, building sites can often be a relatively dangerous area to work. Read More »
Compensation for internal bleeding 26th September 2012 Although external bleeding is often a cause for concern, a big health problem that we can also face is internal bleeding – and in many cases the main danger of this is that it isn’t always that ea... Read More » Compensation for industrial injuries 26th September 2012 Although injuries can occur in almost any location, injuries which occur in the workplace tend to be some of the most serious and severe that we can incur. Read More »
Compensation for failure to diagnose cancer 25th September 2012 As one of the biggest killers in the UK, early detection of cancer is absolutely crucial to the effective treatment of this disease – and ensuring that your medical professional is able to identify ... Read More » Compensation for failure to diagnose broken bones 25th September 2012 Dealing with a broken bone can be an incredibly painful experience, but in some situations it can be hard to know whether you have broken, fractured or simply sprained and area of the body – and the... Read More »
Compensation for crush injuries involving other vehicles 25th September 2012 Although driving is something that many of us do on a regular basis, what many people don’t realise is that in actual fact, driving is one of the most dangerous activities that you can perform and t... Read More » Compensation for care home neglect 24th September 2012 Although many of us are capable of taking care of ourselves, the reality is that within society some people are not, and whether it’s through medical illness or disability, from time to time there ... Read More »
Compensation for broken bones on a building site 24th September 2012 In general there are some workplaces which tend to be more dangerous than others and a building site definitely falls under this category when you are looking at personal injury claims. Read More » Compensation for broken bones in an office 24th September 2012 Dealing with a broken bone or a fracture can be an incredibly painful process and it’s often one that requires a great deal of rest and rehabilitation. Read More »
Compensation for back injuries in an office 24th September 2012 Back injuries are in many situations some of the most debilitating injuries that you can sustain and they often have serious, long-term consequences that you are left to deal with for the rest of your... Read More » Compensation for a heavy lifting injury at work 24th September 2012 Regardless of the industry that you work in, chances are that at some point your job will require an aspect of heavy lifting. If you work in a factory or production environment then heavy lifting may ... Read More »
Compensation for a head injury in an office 24th September 2012 Head injuries can be a serious event regardless of how you incur them, but if they do happen in the office then chances are they are through no fault of your own Read More » Compensation for a hand injury at work 24th September 2012 The workplace is one of the biggest areas where we deal with personal injury claims and as this is an area where you tend to spend a great deal of time, it’s important that it’s also an area where... Read More »
Water bottle toxins poison tourist 24th September 2012 An inquest has heard that a British tourist died after downing stain remover poured into a water bottle in her hotel room. Read More » Road deaths see a three per cent rise 24th September 2012 For the first time in 10 years, road deaths across the UK have increased with road fatalities now being the main cause of death for young adults aged 16-24. Read More »
Motorcyclist dies in accident in Leigh 24th September 2012 An accident between a bicycle and a motorbike has left one man dead and another one suffering from minor arm injuries. The accident happened just before 4pm on a canal towpath in Leigh. Read More » Death of a miner in North Yorkshire leaves company with £200,000 fine 24th September 2012 A fine of £200,000 has been given to UK Coal after the company pleaded guilty to health and safety breaches after the death of miner Ian Cameron. Read More »
Compensation for surgical errors 24th September 2012 Although surgery isn’t a very popular choice for many of us, the fact is that throughout our lives we will most likely have to undergo the knife at some point and when we do, we want to be safe in t... Read More » Compensation for an inadequate dosage of anaesthetic 24th September 2012 Depending on what type of surgery you require, chances are that at some point you will need to undergo anaesthetic Read More »
Compensation for failures in root canal treatment 24th September 2012 Undertaking any type of dental work is never a pleasant experience, but with careful and regular dental care we can always hope to avoid a trip to the dentist. Read More » Compensation for failure to refer to an appropriate specialist 21st September 2012 Although in general if we have an injury or illness our local GP will be our first port of call, they aren't always able to treat or identify these potential medical issues that we have and if we do f... Read More »
Compensation for failure to diagnose a stroke 21st September 2012 Having a stroke can be one of the most traumatising experiences that a person can go through – on the other side of this it can also be an experience that a person can have without even really knowi... Read More » Compensation for failure to act on a test result 21st September 2012 If you are ill or injured but you aren’t quite sure what the problem is, then chances are that you will likely have to undergo a number of tests to determine what the potential problem could be. Read More »
Compensation for damage caused during abortion 21st September 2012 Dealing with an abortion can be an incredibly traumatising experience for any individual, but unfortunately on top of that you may often also be left dealing with physical damage as the result of this... Read More » Compensation for blood transfusion errors 21st September 2012 Blood is one of the most important elements of the human body and ensuring that it’s in good condition is important to allow many areas of our body to function in the way that they should. Read More »
Compensation for an undiagnosed fracture 21st September 2012 Fractures can be incredibly painful experiences and in many situations they can also be relatively hard to identify, especially if they are quite small. Read More » Compensation for an undiagnosed disability 21st September 2012 Dealing with a disability can be an incredibly challenging situation for any individual, but if you aren’t aware that you have a disability then it can be even harder to know how to get treatment an... Read More »
Compensation for a delayed diagnosis 21st September 2012 When you are dealing with serious injuries or illnesses, diagnosing the illness in a prompt and efficient manner is crucial to ensuring that it can be treated effectively before any further symptoms c... Read More » Compensation for a delayed diagnosis of cancer 21st September 2012 Cancer is perhaps one of the most dangerous and most serious illnesses that a person can have to deal with and in many cases unfortunately this terrible disease can be fatal. Read More »
Compensation for a broken arm sustained in a cycling accident 21st September 2012 Cycling around has become a popular option for people who are looking to improve their own health and to save money on what has become incredibly expensive fuel costs in recent years Read More » bicycle accidents involving pets 21st September 2012 Pets play an important role in the lives of many people and for some people they do provide a great companion throughout life. Having a pet is not only a pleasure but it’s also a responsibility and ... Read More »
Bicycle accidents caused by poor road management 21st September 2012 Although we mainly feel that road accidents are caused by other road users, this is not always the case and in many situations the way that our roads are maintained can make a big contribution to our ... Read More » Bicycle accidents caused by oil on the road 21st September 2012 Although roads are perhaps one of the most common parts of infrastructure that we have they can also be very dangerous areas and they are perhaps one of the most common locations for a number of diffe... Read More »
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