Two victims in an Eccles pub fire 31st January 2013 A pub fire in Eccles has resulted in two people being taken to hospital in the early hours of the morning. The fire, which started in the pub kitchen left one man and one woman with injuries, a fur... Read More » Man dead after a two car collision 31st January 2013 A road traffic collision in Warwickshire has left a man dead according to the local ambulance service. The collision which occurred on Warwick Road, Stratford Upon Avon, drew the attention of West ... Read More »
Essex hospital warned to improve its children’s services 31st January 2013 The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has warned an Essex hospital that its children’s services must improve after they were found to be “completely unacceptable”. The death of a 10-year-old girl... Read More » Compensation where the pharmacist gave me the wrong medication 31st January 2013 After a visit to the GP, regardless of what type of injury you have you will usually end up with a prescription which you will take down to the pharmacy in return for your medication. Read More »
Compensation for surgery gone wrong 31st January 2013 Although hospitals are a place that we generally try to avoid, we will all find that at some point in our life more often than not we will require surgery. Read More » Compensation for knee surgery 31st January 2013 As the biggest joint in the human body, the knee is also one that is frequently operated on. Read More »
Compensation for GP Misdiagnosis 31st January 2013 When we are ill or in poor health a trip to the GP is usually on the cards. Although GPs do work hard to ensure that we are looked after to the best of their abilities, sometimes errors are made Read More » Compensation for an error at a pharmacy 31st January 2013 If you are feeling ill or unwell then chances are a trip to the GP will be in order. Once you have been thoroughly examined and a diagnosis has been made then you will be sent off to the pharmacy to g... Read More »
Compensation for an accident with an extension ladder 31st January 2013 Although in life there are many things that we can reach, unfortunately there are also those things that are just out of reach, but luckily in these situations we have a ladder. Read More » Compensation for an accident while teaching 31st January 2013 Being a teacher can be a very rewarding experience and usually involves the education of students in a relatively safe and secure classroom environment. Read More »
Compensation for an accident on a cherry picker 31st January 2013 Although many of us work with our feet fixed firmly on the ground, from time to time you may be required to do a job which is located a certain height above ground, and as such you could find yourself... Read More » Compensation for an accident involving a conveyor belt 31st January 2013 Conveyor belts are all around us, whether we are using one to transport goods from one place to another or we are waiting to collect our luggage in the Arrivals Hall after stepping off a plane Read More »
Compensation for a scissor lift accident 31st January 2013 Unfortunately some times in the workplace what we need to do is just out of reach. If you do find yourself in a position where you can’t reach what you are looking for through a traditional ladder o... Read More » Compensation for medical malpractice 31st January 2013 If you end up in a hospital, or at a doctors then chances are that you aren’t feeling too well and what you are really looking for is to get back to health as quickly as you possibly can. Read More »
Compensation for a dump truck accident 31st January 2013 Regardless of the type of industry that you are in, there may often come a time when you are required to use a vehicle to get to where you need to go. Read More » Compensation for a C Diff Infection 31st January 2013 A visit to the hospital is usually not something that you plan, and unfortunately if you do find yourself in this position then chances are you are suffering from some type of ill health and well-bein... Read More »
Compensation for a broken chair at work 31st January 2013 As an area where we spend a great deal of time, the workplace is one area where we want to feel safe and secure at all times and the Government works very hard to ensure that this is possible with str... Read More » Compensation against an Optician 31st January 2013 As perhaps one of the most important attributes that we have, our eyesight has a heavy impact on the way that we view the world and as such it’s something that we tend to take very good care of. Read More »
Claiming compensation against an orthodontist 31st January 2013 Whether we are consuming food, smiling or even just trying to hold a conversation, our teeth are a major contributor to the way in which we can do this effectively. Read More » Sustaining a Skull Fracture in a Cycling Accident 31st January 2013 If you are involved in a cycling accident then there are generally a number of things that can happen, but if this accident happens with any type of impact then chances are you will fall from your bic... Read More »
“Devastating” crash death in Sedgefield 31st January 2013 “Devastating” crash death in Sedgefield A 19-year-old man has been killed on County Durham Road after he attempted to move a broken down car off the road. Read More » Craven Arms crash leaves cyclist dead 31st January 2013 One man has been left seriously injured and a cyclist has died after a road collision in south Shropshire overnight. Read More »
Compensation for upper body injuries sustained in a cycling accident 31st January 2013 Although many people look towards cycling as a popular alternative to getting around in a car, there are some potential problems that are associated with this type of physical activity. Read More » Compensation for mental neglect in a care home 31st January 2013 Although physical abuse often shows the biggest scars, there are other forms of negligence that you can suffer from which in some ways can lead to far more serious long term consequences than physical... Read More »
Compensation for lower body injuries sustained in a cycling accident 31st January 2013 Although cycling is becoming an increasingly popular activity for most people to partake in, it’s still one that many people look at a little apprehensively. Read More » Compensation for food poisoning in a care home 31st January 2013 Generally a care home is a place that you go to receive medical care and attention when you are no longer able to look after yourself and in most situation this is exactly what you will receive when y... Read More »
Compensation for bed sores from a care home 31st January 2013 Unfortunately for many people there comes a time in life where they are no longer able to take care of themselves, or simply become too old to give themselves adequate support and care. Read More » Compensation for an injury as a delivery driver 31st January 2013 With the parcel trade playing an important role right around the UK, there are thousands of delivery drivers working around the country each day. Read More »
Compensation for an accident with faulty tools 31st January 2013 Regardless of the trade that you work in, having the right tools to complete a job is essential right across the board and if you work in the trades and services industry you will be only too aware of... Read More » Compensation for an accident as a contractor 31st January 2013 If you are working on a building site, or in a workplace but you aren't under a full time contract then chances are you are currently working as a contractor. Read More »
compensation-for-abuse-suffered-as-a-carer-support-worker 31st January 2013 Being a care worker is not always the easiest task and working as a care worker is perhaps one of the most respected jobs that you can have. Read More » Compensation for a Stockroom Accident 31st January 2013 Stockrooms make up a fairly important part of any business whether it’s retail or manufacturing. They are a home for many additional parts and extra stock which may need to be kept on the premises, ... Read More »
Compensation for a Slip at Work 31st January 2013 As a place where you tend to spend a great deal of your lives, it's crucial that the workplace is one area which is incredibly safe for any individual. Although workplace standards are monitored incre... Read More » Compensation for a Pallet Truck Accident 31st January 2013 If you work in the manufacturing or distribution industry, chances are that you are very familiar with the use of pallet trucks. Read More »
Compensation for a broken machinery accident 31st January 2013 Although we might not be aware of it, we often use machinery on a daily basis and in many facets of society it's something that we rely on heavily to help us out with a range of different tasks. Read More » Claims for a failure to diagnose a fatal injury 31st January 2013 Although any injury that you sustain can have serious ramifications on your life, unfortunately there are some situations where these ramifications can be far more substantial. Read More »
Caretaker injury sees Bradford Council fined 31st January 2013 A schooltaker fell through a ceiling just days before retirement, leading to Bradford Council receiving a fine for a breach of health and safety. Read More »
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