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Spend any time during the day near a television (as long as it is switched on!) and it becomes clear that there are a number of prolific accident claims companies that advertise on television. Often they use actors spouting verb and metaphor to attempt to cagoule the viewer into making an accident claim. This article looks at why Manners Pimblett is not seen on TV and you will be surprised...

Accident claim advert on TV

Daytime television is awash with accident claim companies offering no win no fee services and trying to get you to make an accident claim. Whilst mass marketing during the day to millions of viewers may seem the best way to attract business for these companies. We must consider the following:

  • Have you ever thought about what it cost to place an advert?
  • Where do these firms of solicitors get the money from to pay for the adverts?
  • "Injury this and personal claim that", it all gets a bit much in the interval of your favourite gossip magazine show.
  • If you are off sick from work with an injury then you do not need that 24/7.


Why we do not advertise on television.

Search Manners Pimblett has chosen to allow you to find us using the internet. We spent a considerable amount of time and effort getting you to come here, based on the search terms you input into your favourite search engine. So if you input "make an accident claim" you will find Manners Pimblett on the first page. There are a number of other search terms that we come under that is why you are here. Contact us now!
Cost The cost of placing daytime advertisements on television would have to be found somewhere. This will come from an advertising budget normally funded by the fees charged on a case by case basis.  We claim our legal expenses from the other party. How do you think these big corporate accident claim companies afford to advertise on television? Who pays for it?

Should I use a company that advertises on television?


All the accident claim companies you see advertising personal injury, accident claim and legal services on TV are all established reputable companies. There is nothing wrong with using them; however they are huge organisations that have grown and grown. As with your utilities companies, you know gas or Electricity Company; your accident claim could just become a faceless reference number.

Personal Touch

Manners Pimblett believes in a personal approach to your case. We limit the amount of personal injury cases we take on to ensure that you are afforded only the very best personal service.

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