Birth Injury Claims

Birth can be one of the most difficult and dangerous times in the life of both a mother and a child. The majority of births are relatively safe and end up with a healthy mother and a healthy child, but in a few cases either the mother or the child can become injured in the process and these injuries can be serious. If you or your child has gained an injury due to clinical negligence, you may be in a position to make an injury claim for compensation to cover your medical costs, as well as time off work and any extra compensation that you may be entitled to for a long-term injury.

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How do birth injuries come about?

Birth injuries can come about in a number of different ways. Any pre-existing medical conditions in the mother can be a cause for a birth injury, these conditions can be passed onto the child during birth or even during the pregnancy stages, making the child sick and making the pregnancy quite difficult.

Injuries can also occur from clinical negligence, this can include any improper action taken by the doctors and nurses, including not responding correctly to changes in the state of the mother or child, not responding quickly or appropriately to any problems that may arise during the birth, or failing to take proper care of the patients during the childbirth process.

What type of injuries can result from child birth?

There are a number of injuries that can be sustained by either the mother or the child during pregnancy and childbirth, but some of the most common are:

  • Cerebral palsy – Often caused through medical negligence, it is the result of a starvation of oxygen to the brain during childbirth
  • Diabetes – If you have diabetes and your healthcare provider has not discussed it with you, it can be passed onto your child resulting in brain damage or even a miscarriage
  • Episiotomy – Can cause potential injuries to the mother including second or third degree tearing which can be very severe, performed incorrectly it can be very damaging to the mother
  • Pre Eclampsia – If not identified by the doctor in pre-birth checks, this disease of the placenta can cause a lack of oxygen flowing through the bloodstream which can result in the death of either the mother or child.

How can I claim?

If you have recently been involved with a childbirth that has resulted in an injury to either you or your child, which you believe is no fault of your own, then you may be eligible for compensation. Call the Manners Pimblett team today and let our team of experts work with you to get you the compensation that you need to cover any expenses that you may have occurred during this time.

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