Car accidents and claims

Ever since the invention of the car there have been car accidents. As technology has improved in terms of engineering and raw materials, cars and vehicles have become more efficient and faster. All this efficiency and speed, coupled with the need to cater for modern living has resulted in more accidents. Car crashes, road traffic accidents, it does not matter what you call it, have become very formulaic for society. You crash your car, you make a no win no fee claim. Your insurance pays out and life goes on.


Car accidents are subject to the human factor of life. And to quote Murphy's law, if it can go wrong, it will. So as we embark on our daily ritual of driving to work, the mere fact that our cars are commanded by humans amplifies the "it's going to go wrong". There are so many factors that can contribute to the human beings ability to drive a car and equally so many factors that can contribute to a human crashing a car or being involved in a car accident. Tiredness, alcoholism and children distracting the drive of the car are a start, other drivers, the Sun at the end of the Summer when it is really low and runaway animals are all aspects to watch out for. Not to mention the "crash for cash" fraudsters who overtake your car and jam their breaks on to make you crash into them. It is a jungle out there.


You can seek solace in the fact that you have your insurance to fall back on. It became mandatory in the UK to have at least third party car insurance in 1930. Since then the car insurance industry has become a multi billion pound industry. All based around a gamble if you will need to claim or not. Of course there are sections of society who insist on driving without car insurance. Having a car crash with a person who does not have insurance may be a bind, but our team can help you there.

Claims process

Claiming for a car accident if you or if you were involved in an accident and you were not at fault, does not mean that your insurance company is the obvious choice or the best people to handle your claim. Seek advice from a reputable company like ours and get better idea about your claim.


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