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Any accident is not a good thing, but when it happens at work you can feel as if your world is turned upside down. After all, if you have suffered injuries as a result of your accident, then the road to recovery is sometimes a long one. Any reminder of your accident at work will make the healing process harder. This Manners Pimblett article focuses on claiming against work after an accident where you have been injured.

No win no fee

As with all services that are on offer from Manners Pimblett, we provide a full no win no fee service, when you are making a claim against your work. Being injured at work is never good, but you can rest assured that you will get to keep the full amount of your compensation.

Practical Advice on work related personal injury claims

For your own protection we have some standard hints and tips to help you after you have had an accident at work and in preparation to making a claim against work. We will always repeat these tips for your own sake.

  • Communicate with your employers
  • Observe company policy
  • Get witnesses
  • Seek medical help
  • Take photographs

Communicate with your employers. This is an important aspect of your employment. You may have an injury to your back or a limb, caused by an accident at work, as long as you did not cause the accident then you are entitled to go back to work once you have fully recovered. Keeping in touch with your boss or employer will make returning to work after an accident a realistic proposition.

Observe company policy. You have to understand that you need to ensure you keep in the confines of your employment or contract of employment. This means you need to keep up to date the requirements of the policy of the company. So if you are required to provide a sick note after so many days of sickness then do so. Likewise you are advised to complete the company accident book as soon as is practical. If there is not accident book, then you must make a note of the details of the accident. It does not matter what happened in your accident, do not give your employer the option to sack you for non- compliance of company policy. Even if you have not been with the company for 12 months, if you have justifiable cause to make a claim against work then you need to ensure that you tow the line in terms of adhering to company policy. Companies will try to shirk their responsibility towards you.

Get Witnesses. To make a claim against your company as with any personal injury claim, you need to get as much information together as possible. Normal claims against work are based on the fact that a negligent act has occurred. I.E someone has not done their job correctly which has resulted in you getting hurt. In this circumstance, if anyone witnessed your injury or accident, then get their details you may need their information for a claim.

Seek Medical Help. This goes without saying too much. If you are injured at work, then everyone from your employer to yourself has the responsibility to seek medical help. You have to see a doctor or have been to casualty to have had your injuries treated. This is an important aspect of making a claim against work. No medical intervention, no proof of injury, NO CLAIM!

Take photographs. It doe not matter how your accident happened, take photographs of everything. This includes the puddle of water on the floor, the inadequate racking in a warehouse, the wrong ladder or unprotected machine. If you have an injury take a photo of it, this will help the legal process in visualising the extent of your accident at work.

Make a no win no fee claim against work.

If you have been involved in an accident at work that resulted in injuries, then you could make a claim. Call our expert team of personal injury advisors on freephone 0845 077 0772 we are here to help.

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