Claim for Medical Negligence

Although there are constant reports of our National Health Service being stretched to its limits, we are lucky to have the NHS. Those who can afford private medical cover are equally fortunate to receive the high standards of medical/hospital cover. However, when it comes to treatment and operations, accidents and negligence can happen. This Manners Pimblett article looks at making a claim for Medical Negligence.

Claim against my Doctor?

Accidents do happen and whilst it seems immoral to make a claim against the medical professions, the truth is, if an accident has occurred resulting in a prolonged or worse injury for the patient at the hospital or place of medical intervention,(and it can be proven that there is potential for negligence) then you have reasonable grounds to make a claim.

What types of claim?

You hear stories all the time of people being rushed into hospital days after a major medical operation, only to discover that a medical implement is still inside their body. Other potential claims are caused by accidental removal of the wrong organ or even the accidental cutting of an internal organ. Whilst nobody wishes this on anyone, additional pain and suffering justifies the need for an appropriate level of compensation.

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