Claiming Compensation Against the Council

When it comes to going out in our local area, it is the responsibility of the Council to ensure that our surroundings and public facilities are safe and easy to use. Unfortunately with increased spending cuts, many Councils have let some public facilities fall by the wayside and many elements of common infrastructure including roads and public footpaths are in dire need of rehabilitation.

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Growing up, our children are dependent on the local Council to provide them with a range of play equipment and fun activities to fill their weekends. This equipment and these activities are the responsibility of the Council who must ensure that good upkeep and safety standards are consistently met. If these standards fall by the wayside then any injuries that you incur may be the fault of the Council.

How can the Council disadvantage or injure me?

The Council is responsible for a whole range of public places and they must ensure that the correct safety standards are maintained across any of their buildings or playgrounds. Negligence on behalf of the Council could lead to rust on outdoor play equipment or leaks and infrastructure problems in local buildings which could leave you either injured or ill.

The Council is also responsible for maintenance on our roads and should ensure that they are well-surfaced and free of pot holes which can create potentially fatal road traffic accidents if not properly maintained.

What can I claim for?

  • Road accidents – Any road accidents which are the result of incorrectly maintained roads or pot holes are the responsibility of the Council and may be claimed for accordingly.
  • Trips and falls – If you fall over or trip as the result of a poorly maintained footpath or through something that has been left out on the pavement then you may be eligible for compensation
  • Accidents in public buildings – If you have an accident in your local library, schools or any other Council owned properties then you may be eligible to make a claim
  • Public parks and playgrounds – If you or your child is injured as a result of faulty public playground equipment then you may be eligible to make a claim.

How can I claim?

If you believe that you or any member of your family has incurred an injury as a result of negligence on behalf of the Council then you may be eligible to receive compensation to cover any medical costs that you have incurred in addition to any other additional costs.

The Council has a right and responsibility to provide the community with safe and accessible facilities and if you believe that your Council is being negligent then you can make a claim. Call the Manners Pimblett team today on 0845 077 0772 and let our team to experts guide you through the process, ensuring that  the compensation you are entitled to goes straight into your pocket.

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