Claiming Compensation for a Defective Medical Product

Most of us don’t think twice when we go to our local pharmacy to buy over-the-counter medications. We assume that because we are buying from a health store there will be nothing wrong with the product. Unfortunately like many things, as these drugs are often mass produced it is very easy for a few defective ones to slip through the system and despite some of the toughest levels of quality testing there is still the risk of a defective product entering the market place.

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What do you mean by defective product?

Defections in medical products can range from small issues of colour or taste right through to containing the wrong ingredients or being labelled incorrectly. For many people with allergies the labels that are on the containers are incredibly important as they will give the buyer a good indication of any potential reactions they may have to the product. If their allergin is not listed they may buy the product and then have a potentially fatal lethal reaction, in this case you may be able to claim for compensation.

The same applies to any medical treatment products and these include hair dyes which could have a similar allergic reaction, or products that are placed inside the body including breast implants. Undergoing breast augmentation surgery the patient is made aware of the full risks involved, however, if they are given a faulty implant then this could quickly have a reaction with the surrounding tissue leading to serious complications.

What types of product can I claim for?

There are a whole range of medical products that can be defective and these include:

  • Faulty cosmetic products – this can include any kind of implants including breast implants as well as a range of cosmetic surgery products
  • Hair dyes and treatments – any over-the-counter hair dyes that have an adverse effect on your health could be claimed for
  • Multi-vitamins and natural supplements – supplements that have been incorrectly packaged or manufactured could make you sick
  • Over-the-counter drugs – any form of medication that you receive over-the-counter from your local pharmacy that does not contain what it says on the packet, does not warn you about potentially harmful side effects, or has been incorrectly labelled.
  • Contraceptives – any contraceptives that do not warn of side effects or that have been mis-prescribed to you, or that do not work when taken.

How do I claim?

If you feel that you have been sold a faulty medical product which has made you sick as a result, then you may be able to claim compensation for any medical costs that you incur or for any loss of income that you suffer.

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