Claiming Compensation for a Package Holiday

Suffering an accident or illness on holiday is not only disappointing, but it may also be highly distressing.  We may get food poisoning in the hotel, or be injured on an excursion, or even suffer a fall in the hotel room.  When this happens, we may have to spend hundreds of pounds on medical fees, transport costs or new accommodation.

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Your holiday may also be ruined by other factors: the hotel may be dirty, or not even fully built; there may be rodents in the property, unhygienic premises or sewage pipes outside your window.  Your view may even be of a building site, and your ‘hotel by the beach’ may entail a half hour walk.  You may even have an injury in a hire car arranged by the tour operator.  A ruined package holiday means the money you’ve spent all year saving is wasted.

If you’ve had a ruined holiday because the travel agent misrepresented the hotel or the destination, you can make a claim for the loss of enjoyment of the holiday.  If you suffer an injury or illness caused by the hotel or holiday organiser then you may be able to claim damages for the pain and suffering.

How can I claim compensation for an injury on a package holiday?

Firstly, you have to assess who is actually at fault.  It may be the hotel, Hotel Company, travel agent or tour operator.  You may even suffer an accident on the flight there or back, which could lead to a claim being made against the airline.  However, if you are on a package holiday the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992 allows customers to claim against the Tour Company in certain circumstances.

What should I do if I suffer an accident, injury or a ruined Package holiday?

  • Collect as much evidence as possible, including witness statements from other people on the holiday.
  • Take photos of everything, such as the injury and the injury scene.  If you are claiming for a ruined holiday because of a sub-standard hotel, take photos of everything you are unhappy about.
  • If you have an injury or illness, see a doctor as soon as possible.  Medical evidence will be important when we need to assess how much compensation you can claim.
  • Keep all receipts, and make notes of all incidents.
  • Keep as much holiday documentation as possible, such as the holiday brochure, emails or other correspondence relating to the holiday.

You do not have to suffer in silence, and you should not have to accept a ruined holiday if it was not your fault.  Contact us at Manners Pimblett where we will arrange a free consultation to assess your right to compensation.

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