Claiming Compensation for a Tractor Accident

Anyone who lives in the country knows how common tractors and other farm vehicles are.  As the number of cars on the roads increases, so does the likelihood of having an accident involving a tractor.

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Due to their great size and slow speed, a car or motorcyclist is likely to be far worse off than the tractor if a crash occurs.  A pedestrian or cyclist is more likely to be pushed off the road by a tractor due to its size and the awkward sight position of the driver.  Furthermore, studies have shown that tractors are more likely to have mechanical defects, such as faulty indicators or inadequate brakes.  Their slow acceleration means that when making a right turn into a lane there is a greater likelihood of a car being involved in a collision.

Can I claim compensation for a tractor accident?

It is necessary to prove that the accident was not your fault and rather the fault of the tractor driver.  It is important to prove that you were not speeding and were taking care and paying attention.  On country lanes it may be harder to find witnesses to corroborate your version of events.

What financial compensation can I claim for a tractor accident?

Financially, an accident can have a devastating effect.  You may have extensive damage to your car, and sustained injuries which incurred massive medical fees.  You may need a hire car which costs money.  Your injuries may require you to take time off work or lose expensive work contracts.

You may incur costs in the future too.  You may need a long term carer, or be forced to make adjustments to your home, such as fitting ramps and holding rails.  This will require an expert assessment in the form of a medico-legal report which will calculate the likely future costs of an accident.

What do I do if have a Tractor Accident?

  • If you or anyone is injured, call a doctor or ambulance.
  • Call the police, as they will be able to take witness statements from all those present and will be able will investigate who is to blame.
  • If the police are not called, ensure you get the names of any witnesses and take photographs of the scene.

Tractors are subject to Health and Safety regulations and if the owner does not take care of a tractor and it causes injury, then he is in breach of regulations.  If you are a tractor driver and have an accident then you may have a claim against your employer, who is required by law to maintain his equipment to a safe condition.

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