Claiming Compensation for an Electric Shock

If you are exposed to an electronic frequency higher than what the human body can normally withstand, you are said to have suffered an electric shock. Depending on the levels of electricity that have passed through your body, the consequences can range from a sharp, uncomfortable feeling on contact with the skin right through to death if the levels of electricity are too high.

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If you have suffered an electric shock as a result of negligence or no fault of your own within the workplace then you may be eligible to claim compensation to cover the medical and legal fees associated with your injury. You may also be eligible for compensation to cover the loss of income that you have suffered throughout the rehabilitation process.

Common Causes of Electric Shocks:

Electric shocks are most commonly caused by faulty wires and connections but they can also be caused by:

  • Electricians who do not wear correct protective equipment
  • A lack of maintenance performed on electrical connections and wires
  • Incorrectly installed electrical applications including improper wiring and installation of parts of an electrical circuit
  • Electrical devices which come into contact with water
  • Independent lightning strikes or wires connected to the point of the lightning strike i.e. telephone lines.

Effects of Electric Shocks:

Electric shocks can have a wide range of effects on the body varying from minor injuries through to more serious injuries, these include:

  • Neurological injuries – A severe electric shock can cause damage to nerve endings causing the victim to lose neural control over vital organs.
  • Burns – The heat caused by the current flowing through the victim’s body can cause serious internal and external burns.
  • Cardiac Arrest – Electronic currents passing through the heart can upset its ability to pump blood correctly. Large currents can cause the heart muscles to stop working completely.

What Can I Do?

If you have recently suffered from an electrical shock either minor or major due to no fault of your own then you may be eligible to claim for compensation. If your workplace has neglected the proper maintenance required on electrical equipment then you can claim compensation for personal damages as well as a loss of income.

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