Claiming Compensation for Car Hijacking

When it comes to our cars they can be one of the most prized possessions in our lives. For this reason when someone tries to take them away we tend to become a little aggressive, agitated and don’t always think straight. Car Hijacking situations can often result in a range of injuries mainly caused by the struggle that ensues between the hijacker and the driver of the vehicle. Hijackers can often use a variety of weapons and this can often leave the driver of the car with incredibly serious injuries.

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When it comes to losing your prized possession it can be hard, but you may still be able to claim back compensation for what you have lost, allowing you to replace your prized possession with a newer, better model. If you have been involved in a car hijacking incident and have been injured as a result then you may be able to claim compensation to cover the costs of your medical treatment.

What injuries can occur from Car Hijacking?

When it comes to car hijacking a whole range of injuries can occur depending on the aggression of the car hijacker, these can include:

  • Stab wounds – if the hijacker has a knife then stab wounds can often ensue, these could result in minor cuts or more serious injuries if the knife punctures a crucial organ
  • Gunshot wounds – if the hijacker shoots you then your injuries could be far more severe depending on where you are shot and how many times
  • Physical injuries – these can occur as the result of a struggle or a fistfight that might occur trying to defend your car
  • Collateral damage – this could occur as the result of coming into contact with  broken glass from a window which was smashed when trying to enter the car, or of the car impacting or crashing into another item.

What can I do?

Car hijacking can be a very serious offense and if you are not careful you will not only end up losing your car but also losing your life. If you have been injured as a result of a car hijacking, which is no fault of your own, then you may be able to cover the costs of your injuries through compensation.

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