Claiming Compensation for Industrial Diseases

If you have developed a long term injury as a result of an industrial disease then you may be able to claim compensation to cover your medical costs as well as any potential loss of income. An industrial disease can cover any long term ailment which results from exposure to dangerous chemicals within the workplace.

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These chemicals can range from liquids spilt on the skin or in the eye right through to toxic gases that have been inhaled. If you are out of pocket as a result of one of these injuries, due to no fault of your own, then you may be eligible to make a compensation claim today.

What are industrial diseases?

Industrial diseases can be caused by both long and short term exposure to hazardous substances within a workplace. These diseases can be both mild and life threatening depending on the substance that you have been exposed to and the length of time or severity of the exposure. Many industrial diseases come about through long-term exposure to harmful chemicals and are related to the respiratory organs or the heart.

How can I contract an industrial illness?

If you come into contact with a harmful chemical it is easy to contract an industrial disease without even realising it. These diseases can develop over a period of time without the victim even being aware of what is happening to them. Industrial diseases can range from physical illnesses to organ failures, for example deafness or blindness in the more severe cases. Skin diseases are also quite common in occupations where chemicals come regularly into contact with the victim’s skin. 

How can I claim for compensation?

If you have contracted an industrial disease as a result of workplace negligence then you may be eligible for a compensation pay out. This pay out could cover the cost of any medical procedures including the rehabilitation process as well as any loss of income derived from an inability to work during the treatment period or an inability to work in the future due to the development of a long-term illness.

Our team of experts at Manners Pimblett will work with you to get the compensation that you are entitled to for your illness. If you want to make a claim for an illness that you currently have through no fault of your own then give our team a call today and let us put the money back into your pocket. 

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