Claiming for an Accident on Black Ice

Every winter it seems that the news is filled with footage of people slipping on icy pavements and cars careering out of control on slippery, untreated roads.  The last few years have seen some of the coldest winters on record. One of the consequences of such weather is the condition known as black ice.  Accidents on black ice because pavements and roads have not been reasonably treated are a potentially dangerous possibility for all road users.

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If you experience an accident because of black ice, and suffer personal injury, then there is a potential claim for compensation. If you call us at Manners Pimblett now, for free and with no obligation, then we will be able to assess whether you have a claim.

Why can I claim for an accident on black ice?

People who are not personally affected by accidents caused by black ice may not take the consequences seriously. We at Manners Pimblett realise such accidents because of the ice can lead to:

  • Physical injury such as sprains or broken bones;
  • Long term suffering and health problems;
  • Post traumatic stress;
  • Time taken off work and loss of earnings. 

These serious consequences mean we take all personal injury claims very seriously.  We realise that the financial compensation we achieve for our clients can help enable them to move forward positively with their lives.

Who is to blame for my accident on black ice?

If you have suffered personal injury through slipping or a car accident on a public pathway or road, covered in black ice, and it was reasonable to expect it to be gritted, then the highway agency may be liable to pay you compensation. This is because it is their legal duty to ensure that surfaces are properly maintained so you are kept safe from harm. 

If your personal injury is caused by an accident on private property because of black ice, for example a supermarket car park, then the owner of the property may be liable to pay you compensation.

If you call us on 0845 077 0772, or fill in our online form, we will be able to assess your claim for you. We have the necessary expertise and experience to know how much your claim may be worth. We understand the pain and suffering you may be going through, and our claims advisors are ready and able to help you with the first step of making a personal injury claim.  Do not delay:  if you have suffered personal injury because of black ice, then you may be legally entitled to significant financial compensation.

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