Claiming for Asbestos Exposure

The cluster of six silicate-like materials known as asbestos has been a health risk for over a century in this country now. Dating back to the turn of the 20th century when asbestos was incredibly popular with builders and manufacturers for its brilliant heat resistance and absorption of sound, it was used in a variety of insulation projects nationwide. However, when it soon became apparent down the years that asbestos exposure was directly linked to cases of lung cancer, respiratory complications and mesothelioma, the European Union outlawed any usage or manufacturing of asbestos and as a consequence, safe clear outs of asbestos work began.

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Of course, with the severity of asbestos exposure at the forefront of everyone's minds, safety and precaution are of course of the most importance when undertaking any project involving the substance. Unfortunately however, due to improper equipment or clothing, a lack of information or sometimes just plain negligence, there are still cases reported every year of many people becoming too ill to work and even contracting very serious diseases from asbestos exposure leading to life-altering situations and sometimes tragic conclusions.

If you've suffered any form of illness or condition as a result of exposure to asbestos and it wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to make a claim and receive a significant amount of compensation in return.

At Manners Pimblett, we are a passionate and dedicated team who want to help you make that claim and get you the compensation that you, as a victim, deserve.

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What factors will the courts take into account when my claim is brought to them?

At Manners Pimblett, we truly understand that any exposure to asbestos, no matter how small on the surface, is a very serious matter and one that can change your life in so many ways. When we take your claim to the courts, we will endeavour to present to them every aspect of your life that has changed as a result of injury or illness, these can include:

- Loss of potential earnings for you and your loved ones
- Any specialist treatments you may have to undertake
- Outstanding medical costs
- Poorer quality of living

And many more...

If your claim is successful, we guarantee that every penny awarded will be given to you and only you, we take pride in our ability to help lift the weight off you that your injury has created, so call us up today and we can start you on the road to getting you your deserved compensation.

I want to process my claim, but what's my next step?

If you decide to process your claim with us, we will act straight away to get every piece of information in order and present it all to the courts as soon as possible.

To help speed along the process, try to take some time and document down every aspect of your life that may have had to alter as a result of your illness or injury. Everything from how much time you and/or your loved ones may have to had to take off work to treat your illness to how much money in total you have lost out on as a result, it can all help in proving how heavy the burden your exposure to asbestos has become.

You have the right to make a claim and we want to help you get what's justly yours

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What have you got to lose? If you wish to process your claim through us, you can be one hundred percent guaranteed of a first rate service. We always conduct our cases with professionalism, integrity and sensitivity. And don't forget about our 'no win, no fee' policy. Everything is in place to help you get that compensation you are fully justified in having. Get in touch with us today.

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