Claiming for an Accident in the Private Sector

Thousands of men and women in the UK work within the private sector. In these harsh economic times, it is one of the few hotbeds of employment still very active in recruitment. In the last six months alone, over three hundred thousand new jobs have been created in the private sector as part of Prime Minister David Cameron's pledge to re-balance the economy and reduce unemployment across the nation.

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We, as citizens rely heavily on the work of many employees in the private sectors. Police officers, doctors, nurses and administrators throughout the private sector are an indispensable group of people who we all depend on every day of the year. However, as with any other job, accidents unfortunately do occur in the workplace and can alter lives permanently.

If you work in the private sector and have suffered from an accident that wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to make a claim and receive a considerable amount of compensation with us at Manners Pimblett.

At Manners Pimblett, we understand that you may think that making a claim against your employer in the private sector is tricky and possibly unmanageable, but we are on hand to help. As an employee you have a right to make a claim and we are a committed and dedicated team who want to help you receive the compensation and peace of mind that you, as a victim, deserve thoroughly.

And remember, we at Manners Pimblett always offer our 'no win, no fee*' policy, so you've truly nothing to lose by getting in touch with us today.

What factors are taken into account when processing a claim?

If you decide to process your claim with us at Manners Pimblett, you can be fully assured that we will endeavour to act on your part as quickly and efficiently as possible. We deal with hundreds of cases every day and when we present your claim to the courts we always cover every ground available to show your case in the most clear and coherent terms possible.

The courts will consider many factors when processing a claim, these can include:

- Loss of potential earnings
- Outstanding medical costs
- Specialist treatments
- Poorer quality of life

And many more...

Of course, if you have any queries about any stage of the process of filing a claim, feel free to contact us right away and we will endeavour to put your mind at ease.

I'm ready make my claim, what's my next step?

If you would like to undertake your claim with us and get started right now, call us up today and we can begin to get you moving towards that compensation as quickly as possible. To help speed along the process, there are few quick things you can do yourself:

- Make sure you can directly link any injury or illness you may have sustained while working directly to your employer.

- Try to document down just how much this injury your life. It may be that you have lost significant potential earnings from time off work, these can easily be proved via bank statements and credit card bills that may have changed drastically since your accident.

- Those closest to you may have to alter their lives as well to help you as well. If they can help us prove that yours or their quality of living has had to change as result of your injuries, this can all prove to be of great help when presenting your case to the courts.

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So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today. We at Manners Pimblett are a dedicated and highly skilled team who always handle our cases with the utmost discretion, professionalism and sensitivity. 

We offer NO WIN NO FEE* agreements on personal injury matters, call one of our experts today for more information. 0845 0770772. 

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