Compensation Amounts to what?

Personal injury compensation amounts are over inflated by some accident claim companies to entice people into making a claim. It is all part of a "sales process" to companies. These are businesses that use social engineering to get you to make an accident claim. At Manners Pimblett we base what we do on quality service. This Manners Pimblett article looks at quality service, verses unrealistic compensation amounts and disappointment when awarded compensation does not meet expectation.

What is compensation anyhow?

Have you ever asked yourself what compensation is? In your case you have suffered an injury in an accident at work, shopping centre or even when you were a passenger in a car. To some it is just a way of getting money quickly, even illegally; this devalues the worth of compensation to that of, well just "compo". To others compensation is a path back to normality after suffering an often almost intolerable injury, a path to recovery that needs to be guided by a professional and diligent company. At Manners Pimblett we see compensation as healing fulfilled.

Over inflated compensation amounts

When looking for a company to make a claim, naturally you shop around for the best deal. Unwittingly you enter into a purchasing decision. This enables companies to tap into your decision making process (Social Engineering). Although you are not actually buying anything, you weigh up all the possible options for your personal injury claim:

  • What is in it for me when I make a claim?
  • Will I get my physiotherapy paid for?
  • What else can I get?
  • How much compensation will I get?
  • How long will the claim process take?
  • When will I be able to spend my compensation?
  • How do they pay my compensation, do I get a cheque?
  • Can they pay the compensation cheque into my partners account?

Although these questions may be relevant to you, this is not the best way to appoint an accident claims management company. As with any good business with a marketing strategy, accident claims companies will look at you as a "sale", a business transaction to get in the bag. Often accident claims companies will make their accident claims processes appear like polished products, it is all due process to get you to sign up. At Manners Pimblett our approach to your accident claim is personal. So we do not see you as another case, our onus is on you, your service, your expectations and we feel duty bound to serve you.


Over estimated compensation amounts

High compensation amounts posted on a website for personal injury cases are another way of hooking you. If a potential accident claimant sees that there is a higher amount awarded with one company than another, being "socially engineered" to go for the higher amount, the claimant will go with the company that appears to bear more compensation "fruit". Not aware that the higher amount will levy false expectations and result in ultimate disappointment when the compensation is awarded. This is not healing process we want you to have!

The truth is these companies are not interested in your compensation amount, expectations or providing a great service. They want the fee for handling your claim.

Manners Pimblett compensation expectations

At the moment we are running a series of articles on personal injury compensation. Each article is specific to a part or parts of the human body, where we have had direct experience of what compensation has been awarded for injuries, following legal proceedings and successful accident claims. We are not about falsifying compensation amounts or making your claims process a disappointment. With Manners Pimblett you get a compensation claims service, based on just that - service.

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