Compensation caused by a lack of lighting

When it comes to a UK winter we all know what it means – dark, cold, wet and wintery nights. When it falls dark at around 4:30pm many of us have not even left the office and by the time most of us reach home it is completely pitch black – not to mention the same situation when we wake up in the morning. Lighting is an incredibly important aspect of our workplaces and our lives, without it we struggle to see where we are going and can easily trip and fall over and off things which in turn can leave us with serious injuries.

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Whether you are working outside, or inside, if you are working in an area where there is a lack of light then it is the responsibility of your employer to ensure that you have access to a suitable level of lighting for your own safety. If you have been injured at work due to a lack of lighting through the negligence of your employer or another employee then you could be eligible for compensation. 

What is a lack of lighting and how can I be injured?

A lack of lighting basically constitutes any situation where you are not able to properly see the task that you are performing or where you are going. This can occur in a number of situations and some of the most common include:

  • Working outdoors in the evening on a construction site after it has gone dark
  • Working in an enclosed area such as a cellar or underground area
  • Working in a cave or mine where there is no natural light
  • Working inside in an evening where there is no light provided.

What injuries can I incur?

When it comes to injuries that you can incur in an area where there is no proper lighting there are a number of different ones that you can receive. Some of the most common injuries that you could obtain include:

  • Broken bones and limbs from trips and falls, this can including falling down stairs or over items
  • Cuts, grazes and bruises from falling over items
  • Head or neck injuries from banging your head on an unseen item
  • Electrical shock from accidentally coming into contact with an electrical hazard.

Who can I make a claim against?

When it comes to making a claim, your employer has a responsibility to ensure that you are working in safe conditions at all times and this includes providing an ample amount of lighting for you to work in, or ensuring that there is a good level of natural light if you are working outdoors. If you feel that your employer has been negligent and not provided this, then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. 

What do I do next?

When it comes to making a claim for personal injury it’s sometimes best to leave it to the experts, and at Manners Pimblett our team are experts in this field. Bringing together a wealth of knowledge we help to provide you with the best advice available to ensure that you receieve the compensation you deserve.

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