Compensation for a C Diff Infection

A visit to the hospital is usually not something that you plan, and unfortunately if you do find yourself in this position then chances are you are suffering from some type of ill health and well-being. When you are undergoing treatment the last thing that you will often think about is contracting another disease, but unfortunately if you are poorly treated in a hospital then this can occur.

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C Diff is not a common infection, but it can occur in this type of environment especially if you are undertaking chemotherapy or taking antibiotics and the correct precautions haven’t been taken. In this situation you could look to make a claim for compensation to cover any costs you have incurred.

What is C Diff?

C Diff or Clostridium Difficile as it is also known, is a bacterial infection which commonly occurs during treatment for a specific injury or illness. The disease can spread through the air and is common in areas which are poorly maintained. This means areas where there could be a lack of hygiene in a healthcare environment.

C Diff is also common among people who are undergoing treatment for chemotherapy and may have a weakened immune system, in addition to those who may currently be on a course of anti-biotics.

What type of impact can C Diff have on my life?

If you do suffer from C Diff then you could find that it hinders any recovery that you are currently undertaking and potentially makes it difficult to fully treat any injuries that you are suffering from. If you do suffer from C Diff then it may start out with abdominal cramping or pain and small bouts of diarrhoea which may contain blood. 

At a more serious stage this infection can lead to more developed symptoms including a high temperature, dehydration a loss of appetite and weight loss.

Are Manners Pimblett able to help me claim for a C Diff infection?

If you do find that you are suffering as the result of a C Diff infection then you may consider a claim for compensation to cover any costs that you have incurred. If you do find yourself in this position then you could look to make a claim for compensation.

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