Compensation for a medical prescription error

There are many times in our lives where we have to visit and doctor, and if we are ill, from time to time they will offer us a medical prescription with a suggested medication to help any illness or injury that we are suffering from. This prescription could contain a whole range of light or heavy medicines to help you deal with a range of medical conditions and can have a real impact on your life, especially if you are on the prescribed medicine for a long period of time.

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Medications which require a prescription usually mean they are quite a bit stronger than your generic over-the-counter medication and therefore can have quite an impact on your body. Unfortunately this means that if you are prescribed the wrong medication or a medication to which you have a poor reaction, the resulting injuries could be quite severe and leave you with a more serious injury that you were originally treating.

How can a medical prescription error occur?

Medical prescription errors are usually caused by either the carelessness of a GP or a pharmacist. In the case of the GP their carelessness may be in not correctly diagnosing any ailment that you have, or ignoring any allergies that you alert them to, in which case the consequences could be quite severe, especially if you have an allergic reaction to any medication that has been prescribed to you. In the case of the pharmacist, they may have been negligent in the creation of your prescription and therefore you could have ended up with an incorrect prescription as a result. 

How could I be injured as a result?

When it comes to errors in medical prescriptions you could suffer in the following way:

  • The injury becoming worse as it has not been correctly treated
  • An allergic reaction to certain products in the prescription
  • Nausea and sickness due to incorrect prescription ingredients.

Who could I make a claim against?

When it comes to making a claim for compensation there are a number of parties that you can make a claim against, but the two that you will most commonly come into contact with are either your GP or your pharmacist. You can make a claim against your GP if you feel that they have incorrectly diagnosed your illness and therefore given you the wrong prescription. You could also make a claim against the pharmacist if you believe that they have made an error in your prescription which has left you with an illness.

What should I do next?

When it comes to making a claim for compensation against your GP the team at Manners Pimblett can help. Our industry trained experts can bring years of experience to the table and help you every step of the way, ensuring that any compensation that you are entitled to is put straight back into your pocket. So what are you waiting for? To start your claim contact the Manners Pimblett team today on 0845 077 0772.

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